Pea spheres

For the sphere:
250 gr. Frozen peas
325 gr. Water or broth
3 gr. Sodium alginate

For the bath:
1000 gr. Distilled water
5 gr. Calcium lactate


1)Start with the preparation of the bath. Dissolve the calcium lactate in water with an immersion blender.
2)to cook the peas, boil it for 5 minutes. Throw it back on a sieve and place in water with ice blasting.
3)Dissolve the alginate in water (broth) and strain the mixture.
4)Add the mixture to the cooked peas. Puree and pass through a sieve for a uniform texture. Bring to taste.
5)scoop up pea puree with a special spoon and immerse in a bath with calcium lactate
6)Leave the sphere for at least 2 minutes to form a hard shell. Try one and calculate the optimal time (it may be different). If the shell is too weak, leave the spheres in solution. If on the contrary, too thick, reduce the residence time. After a little practice, you will be confident to determine the readiness of the sphere simply by hooking it with a spoon.
7)Carefully remove spheres using a sieve or perforated spoon.
Rinse in warm water.
8)Serve immediately.

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