PROJECT "CRYPTO" as MOTHER OF ALL Crypto currencies and automatizaiton on money

 Welcome to the Crypto World, friends. 

 My name is Mike and I have an incredible idea to share with the world.

So sit tight and buckle up to enjoy the ride with me to the future.

We are going to revolutionize the money itself. 

 Let’s get straight to the idea: “our world needs a new currency and we are going to create one with the help of blockchain technology. We will create a new crypto currency and we call it “CRYPTO” to represent the very essence of it” 

 //// I personally love the name! 

 For those who are still unaware of blockchain technology – it helps to create a decentralized database where each participant of the net is encouraged to maintain stability and security of the whole chain. 

 Thus it guarantees the stability of the data because there is no centre to store the data - it is spread throughout the net and carefully maintained by it.

 While the blocks are generated in the net – the net creates tokens, which are later we came to now as bitcoins, etherium and many more coins which are produced by various blockchains. 

 We can see a very rapid grow of the capitalization of digital currency or crypto currencies – various coins that already gained more than 70 billion $ mark in capitalization/// - you can see all the charts for yourself. Thanks for the excellent service CoinMarketcap. 

 Let’s extrapolate the tendency and see why it is such a huge deal.

Sooner or later all the world trade is going to be in crypto currency. It is safe and transparent, You never lose payments and they arrive immediately. More, even the moment of the transaction (when the money actually should be transfferred from one account to another ) is automized with the help of smart contract. 

 THE MAIN IDEA: there must be some kind of reference or a standart to what to compare all the crypto currencies. For now the main idea in FIAT money and main reference worldwide is USD. But soon all this is going to change. 


 STEP 1 – soon after the blockchain technology spreads across the world and becomes accepted and upgraded a worldwide decentralized database whith extraordinary stability and speed will be created. 

 STEP 2 – we call the blockchain currency “CRYPTO”. And in the blockchain protocol we will set several very essential rules:  

  1. The cost of the CRYPTO is constant and is linked to the computing power to create blockchain blocks. 
  2. This blockchain will maintain itself and be encouraged to maintain stability and increase speed of the whole system.

 Just imagine that humainty is going to create a new era of automized money.
With creating the fair exchange of something with transparency and high security we create a whole new approach to the data, especially with money… 

 So, while the cryptocurrencies are on the rise their values are jumping on and on, and it is difficult to keep up. This is of course helps to grow projects like (cloud storage on blockchain), where all of us will soon store most of our data and many others excellent projects. 

 We create a stable crypto currency whose whole purpose will be to maintain it stability and increase speed of transactions and the overall speed of the system itself. 

 By creating exchange of crypto currencies based on blockhain and implementing rules as above, we are creating a new model a measurement for value in our world. 

 Sooner or later all the world trade will be in crypto. The whole system itself will grow transparent fast and enormously safe. 

 Imagine a world, where no computer viruses, no money theft, no accounting, 100% transparency, lightning speed and total security for you money, while nobody actually is in control of the money itself. 

 This may scare someone but it is coming. But don’t need to worry benefits of blockchain – are enormous for everyone.
With “CRYPTO” as a measurement for value soon every thing will be tagged with the price #=*** crypto 

 And soon we will wake up in the whole new world of crypto. 

 I dearly encourage everyone to join in and contribute to the project and push humanity to the new era.
Come on join in and spread the word as far as you can about this amazing idea! 

Implementations of this principle are enourmous.
While the new money itself are going to encourage the system to be more stable and faster the humanity will dive in the new era of technical breakthroughs. 

 The CRYPTO EXCHANGE will need computing power to maintain its work, so it will encourage the industries for development even more powerful computers. 

 It will lead to the hunt for energy to create electricity to supply the ever growing digital world.
This is the core idea to create a stable transparent world where everybody is encouraged to contribute to the growth of the system. 

 With the transparency of blockchain money become automized. 

 All the transactions are secure and verified, so there will accounting will become obsolete. 

 No more papers to sign or toss around. no more banks to hold money...
No need, all the transactions are verified, and measured in one currency that uses the whole world. 

 Isn't it amazing my friends? 

The genesis block of the CRYPTO blockchain will contain information about everybody who helped with the start of the project 

The idea is so elegant and simple so it will solve so many problems with money in our world. The whole concept of money is going to change. 

 The exchange of the currency that serves as a measurement of the value in this world which is stable and can be virtually measured (linked to the computing power, ie 1 cyrpto = 1 Phash/s.)
This concept will lead us to the new era. 

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