Databroker DAO: main advantages of the platform!

Hello friends. 

Today I want to talk about the DataBroker platform.


Who will benefit from the platform?

All the set of potential users of the platform can be divided into 4 main categories of parties:

  • owners of sensors;
  • operators of converting gateways; 
  • data buyers; 
  • data handlers (the person performing the processing of personal data on behalf of the operator). In order to take into account the needs of all market parties from the first versions of the platform, DataBroker DAO organized the Alliance. 

Already fifteen companies - representatives of different categories of users - have become its participants.

Than each of the user groups will be useful platform and with what risks they can face, and also that "DAO" in the title is not for a redword - the team described in white pages.

Even after the previous parts of the DataBroker DAO survey, questions may have remained where exactly data from sensors and concerns for the safety of their personal data are used.

Why are the IoT sensors useful?

Retailers can equip sensors with their shopping malls and baskets and carts. This will allow:

  • to calculate the loading of the hall in the context of the time of day, days of the week;
  • analyze traffic through the hall;
  • about what category of goods spend more time;
  • on promo screens on racks with the goods to show the shares not only for the same goods, but also for the accompanying;
  • show promotional offers on the progress of the buyer, taking into account the buyer's track on the trading floor. 
  • In this case, the buyer remains almost faceless, because it does not provide any personal data. If the calculation at the checkout is made without a discount card and cash, then personalization will generally tend to zero.

The warehouses are already largely automated. The sensors can be used:

  • to comply with storage conditions (temperature, humidity, radiation, evaporation, illumination, etc.);
    manufacturers and insurance companies may request data on storage conditions to comply with warranty conditions;
  • sensors can transmit data to signaling devices and related services in the event of an abnormal situation in the storage room - penetration by outsiders, violation of temperature conditions, fire safety, excess radiation standards or evaporation of hazardous substances.

In agriculture and the flower business there is a separate niche - growing in a greenhouse. Greenhouse complexes can occupy hundreds of hectares. Maintaining the necessary microclimate in manual mode is a very laborious task, therefore the sensors have long been included in this business:

  • light sensors - control additional lighting;
  • Temperature sensors - control the heating and ventilation system; 
  • moisture sensors - control irrigation; 
  • soil acidity sensors, gas concentrations - can signal the need for any fertilizer; 
  • taking into account the presence of electricity and moisture - fire safety sensors are also needed here. Similar sensors can also be used in open field operations. 

Thanks to the DataBroker DAO system, manufacturers of fertilizers, climate control systems for greenhouses, irrigation systems, etc. will be able to quickly monitor and analyze the quality of their products. And also provide data for interested potential customers, which will help agricultural producers make more informed decisions.

During the move, even within the same city, it is worryingly trusted to transport your belongings to strangers, even if it is a company with a good reputation. Moving companies can use sensors for:

  • control of the route and timing of the car;
  • control of cargo receipt by the customer; 
  • weight control of the goods being carried; 
  • providing data on the location and integrity of the goods to the client to monitor his location and to ensure that everything goes on as usual; 
  • use of a flexible pricing algorithm.

The fire safety sensors have not surprised anyone for a long time. Thanks to the spread of wireless data networks - mobile communications, Internet sensors (fire safety including) can transmit data directly to the destination. In the case of fire safety sensors - in the nearest fire department.

Manufacturers of industrial equipment, cars for various purposes, complex machinery, etc. They can monitor the indicators necessary for the timely maintenance of these mechanisms. And also show indicators to potential customers.

There are a lot of options for using IoT-sensors. The launch of DataBroker DAO will make it possible to reduce the cost of using them due to additional income from the sale of data, and environmentalists, scientific researchers, insurance companies, charitable foundations will have access to the necessary statistical data sets. 

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