SCAVO Technologies is a company established in Argentina, specializing in the construction of data center infrastructure for crypto-mining using renewable resources. Formally, it was founded on August 1, 2017 as a result of 2 years of research and development of patented technology, which together provide energy stability of the entire complex of crypto-mining. As part of the initial coin offering (ICO), SCAVO will build a large-scale mining farm of bitcoin and altcoins in a self-sustaining mode and put it into production according to the deadlines set out in the roadmap.
For a large-scale project must have a variety of resources, such as economic, physical, technological, human, etc. At various stages of research and development (R & d) Technologies SCAVO has managed to establish various linkages with technology companies, manufacturers and highly qualified specialists in different parts of the world. Similarly, we hope to be able to establish long-term relationships with our investors that will allow us to grow together on the basis of clear terms. The Scavo current will be fully supported by mining equipment as well as other equipment that is part of a renewable energy plant that will exist in a real physical location, generating 24x7 crypto assets. Current SCAVO is based on the intellectual contract in Ethereum. This is the ERC-20 token, the actual level of modern tokens.

Tokens of SCAVO
Each token purchased allows the holder to access utilities produced based on the transaction models provided in the document. Thus, THE owner of the Scavo token acquires the right to receive income in proportion to the amount of the token that he holds for life. It is understood as such, to the period during which the operating expenses do not exceed the profit to be received.

Strong Believe
At SCAVO Technologies, we strongly believe that investing in crypto-sustainable mining is the most profitable option for long-term profits, and so our proposal is to strengthen investor relations through clear rules.

Intelligent Solution
SCAVO Technologies, in addition to providing an intelligent solution to the generation and consumption of energy of the crypto-mining farm, by reducing the cost of energy to its maximum expression, we make participation in the business more accessible and easier for anyone in General, regardless of their knowledge and wealth.

More About SCAVO
In order to have a better negotiating position in various intermediate processes, SCAVO Technologies is registered in the register of importers / exporters of Argentina. This allowed directly and without intermediaries to access necessary hardware (ASIC, graphic processors, PCBs, etc.), Reducing costs. We have agreements with various international transport companies on competitive options.

Energy Self Sufficient
Achieving energy self-sufficiency has become a key milestone in the development of the project itself, as it will allow the development of various working models of the company without reference to traditional energy costs, as well as to fluctuations in the energy market or energy policy. The use of renewable energy sources for power generation allows the development of this ecosystem in different parts of the world, where the cost of energy is incompatible with the crypto-mining market.

Energy Stability
Achieving energy stability for a maximum period of 12 months will reduce the cost of energy per kWh from 0.12-0.15 us dollars to values from 0.01 to 0.05 us dollars and a minimum expected life of 10 years.

To achieve a large-scale crypto mining system, scalability has been the subject of serious consideration. To do this, all the guidelines for the design and construction of the various components provide greater modularity. The units have been designed (at the subsystem level) in a standardized way that allows exchange between any of them. At the same time, being a modular process, they are conceived to be able to assemble various mechanisms to add or remove capacity in a virtually unlimited way (considering the deployment space of the complex).
For example, the interconnection of energy allows horizontal and vertical integration of the same connection with other neighboring energy systems and simultaneously connecting with the traditional energy system.



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