Opiria and token PDATA - passive income on personal data

Did you know that the impossibility of 100% of getting into your target audience is connected with unreliable information about it? Now all over the world for advertisers, information about the consumer is collected by special research agencies. After they receive the assignment, the circle of potential consumers is determined, and then the agency promoters stick with questionnaires to passers-by or to customers in supermarkets.

Of course, such data is often not correct. Respondents deliberately report wrong and false information about themselves, trying to get rid of the interviewers as soon as possible. This model of behavior is understandable - people do not receive anything in return for the information provided!


How can companies collect exact dates about their customers and interact with them correctly? It is here that it will be relevant to tell about the Opiria project, which will help to solve this problem.
The main goal of the Opiria platform and PDATA token is to provide the most accurate information to companies, interacting with consumers for money.

The possibility of earning money on their own data motivates the consumer to give concrete information about himself.

How it will work:

1.companies request access to personal data of private users through the Opiria platform.
2.there are smart contracts and users receive PDATA tokens, and companies - access to the information they need.

The key difference is that Opiria and PDATA enable private individuals to collect very specific personal information, for example:
• specially programs track the emotional component of consumers when using different gadgets and digital devices on which to install the application Opiria,

• the behavior of consumers on the network - in the browser or during an online purchase, etc.

• measuring behavioral activity of users or assessing their emotional state. Analysis of facial expressions or other physiognomic parameters: eye movements, pulse and respiration rate, etc.


What are the main advantages of using the PDATA token:

• the consumer can track where and to whom he provides his personal data
• choose for what price and which company can sell its data
• Thanks to the rating on the platform, it is possible to choose which users will be interesting for a particular program
• Absence of a third party in the form of a research agency. This makes it possible to pay for information to the end user and receive from him the most accurate data.
The ICO launch was on March 26 and ends on May 31, 2018. The maximum amount of fees is 19 million USD.

If you want to know more information about the project, you can get it here.

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Author: Mr.Freeman

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