KOI "To Creating A Transparent And Decentralized Economy"

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before I review more about this one project, allow me to tell a little about the world of cryptocurrency travel to date. along with the increasing public knowledge about the world of cryptocurrency and knowing the importance of investing, a new project was born and came to meet the needs of the community. Because this project is a project that greatly protects the privacy of its users. So I introduced a new project, with the name KOI project.
Since 2018 and almost everyone has heard the word Bitcoin from Blockchain or cryptocurrency, but how many people use this Blockchain technology to build solutions for business or personal use? Only a handful of people use the real power of blockchain solutions to build payment solutions or use Dapp for the purpose of developing their next business.
Well, reader, I will continue to discuss more fully about the project that I wrote.

By developing ideas from innovative project projects, this is the way carried out by KOI to create a transparent and decentralized economy. By making blockchain technology in the application of daily life, especially in the commercial field, of course this will greatly help analyze current market weaknesses. At present, KOI creates a special tool to meet all needs in every environment and commercial sector, it aims to meet the needs and ensure the growth of investment in KOI partners. As an analyst company about the existence that occurs in the market and Provides access to the public towards financial products so that transactions become more practical and effective.

This happens because of the lack of access to the platform that is felt by people who are knowledgeable about lack of technology. So KOI comes with providing convenience and access for users who are still inexperienced. Because this access includes tools that are easy to use, so users who don't have experience can feel the benefits of this blockchain potential. By using transactions per 2 per and transparently, KOI can make money transfers quickly, and makes it easy for inexperienced users on the computer. Most blockchain projects now only focus on people who are experienced in the computer field. And what about people who are not experienced in the field of computers ... of course they will not feel the maximum benefit from the progress of blockchain technology today. Because KOI uses an ordinary wallet / POS. by using this wallet, Allows transactions to be fast and secure, and transactions can be done using your mobile so that this will greatly facilitate inexperienced users
KOI also provides a solution for users who use this token as a helper to facilitate their business, namely by offering transparency, speed and ease of use. This is a program from KOI, which is an effort to create the growth of future technology blockchain tokens.
By offering up to 20% in bonuses and price discounts on the amount you want to invest, KOI and the team have calculated profits for investors who want to invest in KOI. By prioritizing integration and the commercial sector, KOI provides several choices and benefits for KOI token holders.

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Another advantage of using the KOI Platform is that users do not need to know about programming or have information about Blokchain. and users are expected to be able to enjoy entertainment through a platform that has been developed by KOI for video games using ERC-721 tokens that can be billed using the KOI currency. Where by using this game application, users can enjoy entertainment plus economic income.

Exchange their tokens and make every transaction using the KOI currency, so in this way it will help the community grow bigger and grow. Of course this is the goal that KOI wants to achieve by making it easy for users to use KOI technology, and by connecting KOI technology in the open currency market, so that it will provide convenience to users

  • Transactions without coverage
    users don't need to think about this interest rate.
    It aims to provide freedom for users / traders to be able to make the trade transactions they want. Because KOI designed a functioning credit system, where users who have KOI tokens in their wallets, about interest rates, this will be calculated much lower than bank interest rates,

Token type : utility
Token Name : KOI
Token Value : 1 ETH = 3336,25 KOI
Total Token Sale : 200.000.000 Token Value (ETH)
Token Price : 1 KOI = USD 0,09
We Accepted : Ethereum





I say thank to you all, who have been willing to spend a little time to read my article. And there is no word more is must i say to all of you besides a thank you very much.
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