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Everyone knows that after the birth of Bitcoin and crypto currencies these virtual assets made a huge impact on the global economy. Although some countries sees these currencies as a threat, many people have invested and gained profits. But Timor Leste does notsee crypto currency as a threat to economy, in fact they have faith in it and have legally acknowledged crypto currency trading. In lots of developing countries, crypto currency is one of the goals of investors to make profit and one of the main sources of gaining foreign income to the country.

Invech Group is a operated by the government of Timor Leste to regulate and blockchain and crypto currency business. Invech Group is result of a partnership put together by a large business groups and experts from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, China, and Timor Leste. They are aiming to develop and attract Timor Leste into crypto currency and bring investments into Timor-Leste. Also we are happy to announce that Invech Group has gained a total of 9 business licenses in Timor Leste.

Invech Group's goal is to provide a new positive transformation in economic change especially in Timor Leste with the aim of improving the life style of citizens through blockchain technology and to create a stable and developing a economy.

We have to acknowledge that Blockchain technology has done an important role in creating Bitcoin and other Crypto currency. Blockchain is a pioneer where new technology is essential for the future of digital money, transparency and security.


Invech will consider every and each aspect when setting up our crypto currency exchange. Thus, guaranteeing a secure, safe, multi language and user-friendly interface for all users internationally. Exchange Features

• Providing matching orders between buyers and sellers at best price available

• Supporting multiple currency wallets, allowing centralized, easy implementation of several different crypto currencies. All crypto currencies will be automatically secure via a multi signature cold storage allowing security and preventing external access.

• Full order book providing necessary liquidity to instantly buy and sell crypto currencies with tight spreads.

• All crypto currency funds will be automatically managed by our integrated wallet software. All funds including crypto currency and fiat (which will be implemented accordingly)

• Invech exchange will support but not limited to: English, Chinese, Indonesian, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean on all of our user interfaces.

• Invech will also implement FIAT – Crypto pairings and withdrawals in the near future. We are aiming for USD, HKD and IDR.


Most of traders concern when choosing a exchange is the security level of the exchange. Invech takes security seriously. If you are wondering “Is Invech safe?”, the website and exchange is also on par with Crypto Currency Security Standard (CCSS) to protect Invech and all its users. Crypto Currency Security Standard is an standard for major exchanges and companies with ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS)*. So users wont have to have any doubt about the security of the exchange, i can say it is provided with the best security to protect the users and the exchange.


Invech will provide cross-platform trading clients for:

• Web-based trading client

• Android native client

• iOS native client (pending App Store review)

• Mobile HTML5 client (including WeChat H5 client)

• PC (Windows) native client


Benefits of IV token


Outside of the exchange, IV can also be used in other aspects such as: •

Timor Leste – Invech Foundation
Visa on Arrival in Timor Leste (costing US$30 – US$200)
Invech Payment Gateway
Open tender system
Invech Consultancy

IEO Details

175,000,000 IV will be open for the public IEO will run for 60 days starting from 1st November 2018.

Phase 1 – 30 days: 75,000,000 IV @ 20% discount. Locked in for 6 months
Phase 2 – 30 days: 100,000,000 IV @ 10% discount. Locked in for 9 months
Unsold IV Tokens at IEO will be given to the Timor Leste – Invech Foundation with a vesting period of 3 years.

Soft Cap: 75,000,000 IV Tokens (USD 24,000,000)

Hard Cap: 175,000,000 IV Tokens (USD 60,000,000)

Pricing at IEO

Phase 1: US$0.32 (after 20% discount)
Phase 2: US$0.36 (after 10% discount)
Do not miss the opportunity to participate in the Initial Exchange Offering program that began on June 9, 2019, and joins us in the Telegram community to get more information.

In case you want to find out more about this amazing project, please use the below links.

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