Today we will be talking about where to buy ethereum. Finding a place to buy ethereum using debit card especially, is one difficult task. There are many exchanges but only few can process fiat-crypto transactions. Today, I'll be showing you a better option which is the ATOMIC WALLET.

Atomic wallet is a custodian wallet that gives you total control of your funds. Supporting in its custody, over 500+ coins and tokens, atomic wallet offers what I call a decentralised exchange of coins and tokens through the use of atomic swap.

Atomic wallet partnered with one of the leading giants in EU 🇪🇺 card payment processing - SIMPLEX
Simplex is licensed for online payments and will be partnering with atomic wallet. You can start buying ethereum from atomic wallet by first undergoing an ID verification. This step happens only once, once verified, you can start your purchase.

Personal data and information are secured and safe after verification

You get to purchase ethereum using your VISA card and mastercard at a fee of 2% which is relatively affordable considering the good quality of services to be rendered

You can see other assets supported by atomic wallet here .
Download your wallet today to start enjoying these features.

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