Ever since the birth of blockchain, we can't deny the underlying offers it brought and the benefits we've received so far. All thanks to globalization which made this technology possible to have achieved.The tremendous efforts of block chain technology can not be neglected as it is with this, that we have a massive global village.
Relating this to the crypto space, the crypto space is one amongst the major sectors that have benefited from the evolvement of block chain technology. A lot has happened and still happening. We have seen different sectors like the banking sector, insurance sector, media sector etc all adopting the technological advancements of block chain. Amongst these sectors is the GAMING sector which shall be the focus of my publication today.


The gaming sector is a very active and revenues generating sector so is one of the very huge sectors where a major part of the nations revenue goes. A sector worth multi million dollars as such.This stance owns to the fact that the industry is one that one cannot do without as virtually everyone plays game ranging from traditional to advanced.
But despite all these, the industry isn't without limitations like Trust, fairness, expensive games, low or no incentives for playing games on the industry. Although a lot projects have been poised to achieving this, but faiure still became theirs.
This is where ANYONE comes to play. Anyone is a block chain based projectBeing a casino platform, ANYONE seeks to unleash the best technology ever in the gaming sector utilizing the most advanced technology Block chain in a decentralized way. While also adopting the best technologies ever.


ANYONE is one of the few potential projects on Gaming and Dividends which utilizes the advancements of block chain technology to disrupt the space. ANYONE project is a project which rewards users not just for relaxation but also for playing games and and holding the ANY coin.


The native token name of ANYONE is ANY coin. The ANY COIN is the interaction between the ANYONE platform and the users. It is the medium of exchange for anyone using or playing games on the ANYONE platform. This coin is not just a crypto currency, it is a currency that also sees to reward its users/holders.


Amongst other things, ANY coin has proven to be very useful on the platform. Being the token of the platform, ANY is used for one or two things namely:
1. ANY is used for playing games on the exchange.
2. Its is the medium of exchange on the platform.
3. Users who own some ANY usually gets Dividends.
4. Any coin can also be traded for other crypto currencies on the exchange.
5. ANY coin is not just a coin that is operational in its platform, users can get to purchase ANY in one or two and more exchanges coming soon.


Unlike every other gaming platforms, ANYONE has proven to be unique and outstanding by unleashing its revolutionary processes. These processes and many more are what makes ANYONE outstanding. ANYONE platform isn't just a gaming platform. It is also a platform that gives its users unlimited passive incomes while still playing lovely games. Amongst things to benefit from the platform are:

1. Dividends: On ANYONE platform, players or users alike get to receive dividends and constant payouts on games played and the amount of ANY owned by a user.

2. Predict Tomorrow's cashout: On ANYONE platform, you can also predict tomorrow's cash out price and win some ANY coin. Should any user or users predict price casout right, a total of 500,000k ANY would be shared amongst winners. This is interesting isn't it?

3. Another thing to watch out for on ANYONE platform is its Referral bonus which is coming soon. The referral bonus is going to work as such that users would be compensated for each user reffered to the platform. This is a means to encouraging users while still promoting the platform.

Conclusively, ANY exchange will greatly put a lot of potentials to the ANY coin. This is why the team isn't relenting until seeing that all these are wel structured and put in place. All thanks to the Team and Dev behind the development of ANYONE platform. I greatly anticipate more of ANYONE's development.

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