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Crypto-currencies from year to year are increasingly finding distribution and support.  The potential of the crypto industry is huge.  But nevertheless, there are certain problems that have not yet been solved, and this is primarily the consumption of PoW energy and the question of the centralization of PoS.

Large players, who possess a huge amount of mining equipment, monopolize most of the income from the mining activity.  The so-called "whales" have huge advantages, which is why the crypto-currency influences the volatile market.  The very idea, essence and peculiarity of the blockade - decentralization, is receding into the background.  The rich, as in the classics, become even richer, and the gap between them and the poor only increases.  At the moment, there is a situation in which a small group of crypto enthusiasts with large investments in mining equipment has the majority of the mining facilities, and accordingly, the greater part of the profits, all this basically undermines the desire for decentralization.

The MODULE project team intends to solve this problem.

What is MODULE?

MODULE is a blockchain-platform that is designed to use the free memory of computers, laptops, telephones, servers, etc. to use this memory by other users as storage for data.
That is, in fact, when using the MODULE platform, you can even mine from your smartphone.  And considering that all modern phones are equipped with built-in memory, the size of which in each new phone model only increases, accordingly, the amount of compensation from leased free storage will only grow with time.

MODULE will use a completely new algorithm for confirming transactions.  In addition, the developers provide, the opportunity to develop on the platform decentralized applications and to issue new coins, which in the future will lead to maximum demand for the MODULE platform and its scaling.

Why focus on mobile devices?

This is important because it solves the problem of energy consumption caused by the extraction of crypto currency.  MODULE can be called the future of mining, since it will be possible to do both tablets and phones, MODULE will bring simplicity, mobility and no centralization to the world of mining.

Mining the future using the PoSTT protocol

POSTT will include POS (confirmation of space) and POTT (confirmation of time and transactions). Users will be given the opportunity to store their information absolutely safely.

A decentralized network created using the PoSTT protocol will have its own token, represented by P2P.  Users will use tokens to obtain storage and data services.  Miners, in turn, mine coins, the amount of their remuneration will depend directly on the size of the provided storage, time, and the number of transactions that the network is processing at the moment.
A verifier and a farmer create a smart contract for data storage, which guarantees safe processing of data.
The connecting server carries out the activities of the translator, the P2P network monitor and the host computer, and selects the farm network where the verifier data will be stored.
Miner checks smart contracts and generates blocks, issues coins to the farmer when the block is created.
Server - connects Farmer and Verifier.  It is important to note that the server never saves the personal data of the verifier, stores only meta-data.  The server verifies the status of the Farmer and monitors the compliance of data stored in the Farm Network, as well as the status of the data and payment.

Information about tokens

The official token of the MODULE project is the MODL token.

The price of 1 token is $ 0.008
The token is the ERC-20 standard.
Hard Cup - $ 18 million
Soft Cup - $ 5 million
Total issue: 15,000,000,000 tokens
For distribution: 2,250,000,000 tokens

In conclusion, it should be said that the project is worthy of investors' attention, firstly, Block 4.0 - this is what crypto enthusiasts have been waiting for for a long time, and the first one who can deliver the product and adequately implement the road map - will become the leader in the crypto market, and secondly, the top ratings of the project, you can see this at various independent appraisal sites,  and the main point is, of course, the already existing support of investors.  At the time of this writing, $ 3,933,458 has already been collected, that is, the softcap of the project has remained slightly more than 1 million dollars.  The collected amount is not small, considering what red market we are in now.  In any case, if you are interested in this project, check out the MODULE website, whitepaper (the technical documentation and the site are translated into several languages, including Russian) 



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