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MIB Coin ico

The World-First SmartPhone-Only Mining Blockchain Technology + Distributed Computing Technology Low-Power Mining Platform for High-Scalability MIB stands for Mobile Integrated Blockchain. Our Blockchain Network is based on SmartPhone device which is the most widely used device with unlimited functionality as it is called the Mobile-PC. Anyone can download MIB APP on their SmartPhone to start Mining and exchange their Mined MIB Coin. The Mobile SmartX Blockchain Platform (MSXBP) enables various payments and transactions on Mobile Environment. MIB Mining no longer requires CPU, GPU, or ASIC and any other costly mining equipment. MIB Distributed Mobile Blockchain System provides High-Efficiency Blockchain Network on Low-Cost. Existing Cryptocurrencies have been highlighted socially and economically while their excessive energy consumption has been growing into a social problem. None of other Cryptocurrencies have brought a solution to the problem despite the evident side effect that the future of Cryptocurrency will have to face. Now we have brought solutions and results to this problem that no one has tried before through the development of our Mobile Mining type Coin, MIB.
Start date: 20-07-2018
End date: 10-08-2018
ICO: 1,000,000,000

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