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Description ICO Liqnet

By the end of the decade the global cryptocurrency trading was scattered across different platforms, which led to a strong fragmentation of liquidity. The lower the liquidity, the lower the average volume of trading positions are compared with the warehouse and other classic markets. Moreover, in moments of sharp market movements, it may not be sufficient even to trade with low volumes of cryptovolans.

LIQNET is cryptohome that allows you to combine liquidity from multiple platforms and to solve the problem of scattering of the users, their shopping queries and orders, thus forming a unified order book with the best depth of market and more advantageous prices for individuals and legal entities from different jurisdictions.

What makes the exchange unique LIQNET, is a tool LEN (Liquidity Exchange Network), which allows you to collect and combine customer orders and orders placed by our customers with third-party platforms into a single package orders and make them available for trading all clients LIQNET. The owners LENtokens get preferential terms.

Other benefits LIQNET:

Desktop applications (native desktop app, MultiSharts, TradingView and MT5); a Fully functional mobile trading application for Android and iOS.

Project online wallet, which allows you to share cryptoconcepts and record the money click of a button. In addition, it has easy service to cryptocurrency investment with free and paid integrated strategies; Acquisition services to receive payments in kritovo-currency, which provides merchants with many features and protects from many risks.


Country: Singapore

The ban in the following countries: United States



The ratings of ICO Levelnet

The overall rating according to the BBB IcoBazaar (658 place of 1781) June 2018

Rating ICO version ICObench 4.20 (304 place of 3432) for June 2018

The rating on ICO ICO Track version 4.60 (618 place from 2729) June 2018

Rating ICO version ICOmarks 7.40 (933 place of 2985) June 2018

Rating ICO version WiserIco 4.70 (49th out of 698) of June 2018

Rating ICO version TokenTops 4.20 (184 place out of 579) of June 2018

The rating IcoBazaar: evaluation of idea 3.90 (place 525 of 1284) of June 2018

The rating IcoBazaar: assessment of the technology 3.80 (523 place of 1282) of June 2018

The rating IcoBazaar: assessment team 3.90 (558 place of 1284) of June 2018

The rating IcoBazaar: site assessment 3.40 (722 place of 1777) of June 2018

The IcoBazaar rating: Rating a mention in the media 3.40 (587 place from 1776) on June 2018

Information about token LEN

Ticker: LEN Platform: Ethereum

Date Pre-ICO: 07.05.2018 - 27.05.2018

Dates of sales: 28.05.2018 - 31.08.2018

The token type: ERC20

Price token: 1.0000000000 USD

All tokens: 63746032

Available for sale: 94%

Min. the purpose of the collection: 20 000 000 USD

Max. goal: 50 000 000 USD


Team ICO Liqnet

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