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Hello, dear readers!At the beginning of his article, I would like to tell, as there was a General Bounty or what they need . It is certainly more designed for beginners , but not in a hurry to leave , as later I will tell you about the wonderful project as will be very interesting and informative.

To begin with, what is ICO.

Most likely every person has a friend or buddy, perhaps you yourself are invested in various startups. This is when a regular person comes up with an ingenious idea for an app or your own invention, but the problem is that this person lacks the finances to run the project. To collect the full amount, it is possible not enough life and his brilliant idea and will die in it.

In order to still him start his creation, he needs to present his project of the public who are interested in advancing such ideas. If your project interests them, they give you the means to run the project.

Принцип работы ICO очень похож, единственно, чем они различаются это тем, что ICO выпускают свои токены, которые предлагают купить обычным пользователям.Многие покупают токены не для того, чтобы как либо поддержать проект,а они планируют на этом хорошо заработать, лишь малая часть верит в проект всей душой . Для того чтобы привлечь людей недостаточно просто иметь хорошею идею,а нужно как можно ярче создать ажиотаж вокруг проекта, чтобы каждый говорил о вашем проекте. Как раз для таких целей и делаются Bounty компании.

The principle of operation of the ICO are very similar, the only thing they differ is that the ICO have produced tokens that offer to buy ordinary users.Many people buy tokens not to like or support the project,and they plan to make good money, only a small portion believe in the project wholeheartedly . In order to attract people it is not enough just to have a good idea,and should as clearly as possible to create excitement around the project that everyone was talking about your project. Just for such purposes and made the Bounty of the company.

What is the Bounty company.

I think many have already understood what needed to Bounty, but I will tell briefly. Bounty company is a certain percentage of tokens that the ICO is willing to pay people for what they will distribute information about the project to create excitement around the project and attract more investors. You won't believe well, in a way people earn money to live on and call them bounty hunters.


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