The mechanics of the blockchain can become a technology that will help to create a revolutionary solution for different areas. Seeing the potential, Optherium have created a team for the realization of integrated solutions in the blockchain. Their goal is to create a complete solution in the economy, which is successfully combined 2 of the world – Fiat and cryptocurrency.

Based on HyperLedger, ecosystem Optherium will be modular, and to have your own multi-blockchain, which will be decentralization, multicurrency support, comprehensive security, its own signature, as well as the exchanger and confirmation of the transaction. It will help people and organizations to maintain their resources, but to carry out instant transactions. Speed platform – 100 000 transactions per second.

The team also was to bring to the organization – Optherium Labs. Concurrently, it is also the ecosystem that occupies the main part of the project. Plus, the project gained the support of many funds.

The aim of the project – financial solution to technological problems by building private distributed Bukh.networks, thanks to which, both individuals and private entities can exchange digital assets. In addition, network accessible storage, and trade.

Features Optherium
Platform B2C
– Multicurrency support
– Multisignature Transactions
– QR
– work with Visa/MasterCard
Dynamic Biometrics
– B2B platform
– Multisignature Transactions
Ecosystem Optherium
Optherium Labs is an ecosystem that utilizes the classic network properties of the blockchain, such as speed, security. Optherium Labs also provides access to quick transactions, voting, and many other features. Also within the ecosystem have surgery MultiSecure, dynamic biometrics based KYC, which makes the project very safe. In addition, the ecosystem includes multi-currency, Fiat-crypto. Ecosystem Optherium mostly aimed at commercial users – companies that want a fast and secure transaction processing in multiple currencies.

Ecosystem Optherium Labs in addition keeps your own hub is divided and decentralized blockchain network, which were consolidated into multi-blockchain. The use of different networks of the blockchain, with the subsequent merger at a late stage, it allows to raise security of the network.

For business, the project offers multi-currency quick exchange, transactions, dynamic biometric security, multi-decentralization. All this in a compartment for business will mean the maximum speed and secure exchange. For the users convenience, because of the multicurrency.

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