MIB Coin

Mobile Integrated Blockchain is a phrase many have thought about very keenly, but there hasn’t yet been any significant development in the direction, that is, till now. Today though, getting ready for the future of cryptocurrencies, a new token has emerged that will let users mine itself using nothing but a simple smartphone!
MIB Coin is, as is clearly evident, an acronym for Mobile Integrated Blockchain, which comes with a smartphone application developed by the creators of the coin that lets users mine the token using a phone, without needing any high-end GPUs or ASIC miners, bringing the big game down to the masses.

MIB is employing its new SmartX Blockchain Platform Structure to introduce the concept of a blockchain platform based on mobile.

The special thing about the MIB coin is that it isn’t also available to be mined on a smartphone. It is only available to be mined on a smartphone. MIB isn’t available for mining using ASIC miners on high-end computer systems. It can only be mined through the mobile application for the same, on a smartphone itself. It is specifically designed so a smartphone can withstand the computational complexity required to mine the cryptocurrency, reducing required power by a claimed 99.24%.

The primary effect that this development will have will be on the massive amounts of electrical energy that is being consumed by miners all over the world every year, which is, according to reports, almost the same amount of energy the whole country of Ireland consumes per annum! The densely reduced energy consumption is meant to be a sharp signal to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The cost of mining obviously goes down exponentially with this technique, eventually resulting in opening the playing field wide to the world. Every single mobile phone user can download the application and start mining straightaway, without having to buy expensive hardware and set up a mining system and pay for irrational consumptions of electrical energy.

The developers believe the concept to be extremely promising and they say that a variety of tokens will be created based on the SmartX Blockchain Platform of MIB. A total of 600,000,000 MIB tokens are set to be launched, with 50% of them being available to miners, whereas 8.33% will be available for the Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

The mobile application is also supposed to work as a payment gateway for the MIB coin in the future.


Token name: MIB

Platform: SmartX Blockchain

Token price: 1 ETH = 1200 MIB

Total supply: 600,000,000 MIB

Public ICO: Jul 20, 2018 ~ Aug 10, 2018


50% of MIB Coin is allocated as Smart Mining and is available to anyone easily.
27.51% of MIB Coin is used for the maintenance and management of MIB’ network ecosystem. More specifically, 11.67% for Reserve and 15.84% for Extra Marketing.
22.49% of MIB Coin is distributed to MIB Pre-Sales, ICO, and the stakeholders. More specifically, 5.83% for Pre-Sales, 8.33% for ICO, 3.33% for the investors, 3.33% for the advisors, and 1.67% for the team are distributed


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