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MIB Coin

I welcome you dear readers. Always happy to share with you the most promising ideas and start-UPS from the world of cryptocurrency. They are created to ease our lives, and change the world in the future.

The rise of cryptocurrencies and the subsequent attention brought by blockchain technology has prompted almost every industry to assess the benefits of integrating technology in their operations. One of these startups at the forefront of innovation in the blockchain is Coin MIB.

MIB Coin - new platform Smartch blockchain, which gives everyone the opportunity to participate in the development of applications using smartphones. In addition to people it was easier to communicate with businesses much easier. MIB focused on the fundamental decision to support flexible and sustainable chain continuity in the long term, to expand features, such as reliable platform, and distribute and maintain nodes with low cost.

Thanks to the "Smart mining" it reduces energy consumption by about 15 000% in comparison with the existing method, significantly reducing power consumption, which is an important problem in the mining industry. Thus, it reduces the cost of maintaining the block chain and social costs.

In decoding the MIB means Mobile Integrated Blockchain, that is, the mobile integrated blockchain.

The platform will consist of three main elements:

Cryptocurrency MIB.
Blockchain, the SmartX platform.
Blockchain platform for business.
The developers claim that the coin MIB different from all other cryptocurrencies, as it is not costly to mining and can operate in mobile blockchain ecosystem. Production tokens will be done via smartphones, so the network will be truly decentralized. Mining resources will not be concentrated in any country or in any company, by contrast, will be distributed around the globe.


Signs of the MIB was issued in the amount of 600 million. For sale allocated 300 million MIB. Pre-sale has been completed and currently the project is at the stage of the crowd. Until August 10, investors have the opportunity to purchase cryptocurrency at a price of 1200 MIB, 1 ETH, which is equivalent to buy 1 token for $ 0.5. The minimum purchase amount is 1 MIB. You can buy bitcoin with BTC and ETH. Software project plan is $ 10 million, hard disk - 25 million dollars!

Tag name: MIB
Platform: SmartX Blockchain
The cost of a token: 1 ETH = 1200 MIB
The total delivery volume: 600 000 000 MIB
Public ICO: 20 July 2018 ~ 10 Aug 2018

Thus, the draft MIB Coin poses a specific and ambitious goal - to become the leader of kryptonyte, providing access to mining via smartphones without any special and expensive equipment. This decision will undoubtedly make the industry more accessible.
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