SHIVOM-evolution in gene medicine


The idea of the Shivom project is to introduce blockchain technology into one of the most promising sectors in the public health market - genomics and precision medicine. Each user of the Shivom platform will not only have reliable access to scientific knowledge, but will also be able to manage their genome data to their advantage. The idea of this project, according to the developers, is necessary for the health of every person and the entire population of the planet as a whole.


Platform participants will be able to offer their genomic data for research in exchange for OmiX tokens. Shivom is a decentralized B2B and B2C platform that allows users to create, store and analyze genomic databases using blockchain technology. One of the problems solved by the Shivom platform is the collection of genomic data and their exchange among users of ecosystems. Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, platform users have a mechanism to protect their data in the system.

The Shivom platform will provide a unique encrypted identifier for each genome, introduced into the blockchain system, which in turn is linked to the owner of the DNA.


The platform provides its users with:

  • protection and control over own data;
  • an object for data exchange for charitable purposes, as well as for profit;
  • access to programs for improving health based on user data.

Ecosystem Shivom suggests creating an open web market for data providers and those who need this data. Also, the Shivom platform provides the ability to create applications for analyzing genomic data.
The user platform is registered in it and downloads his genome data. If he does not yet have this data, then following the instructions he sends his data to the nearest Shivom institution, where his DNA is fully researched. And then the received data is loaded into the system.

процесс передачи ДНК.png

The security of the Shivom platform is provided through the use of blockchain technology and smart contracts. As a result of these technologies, users will be able to safely:

  • store and access all of their data on the genome in one place;
  • Control access to data using a filter system;
  • Manage how researchers, doctors, or family members can use the data.

Shivom is based on blockchain technology and can use various types of blockchain.

Shivom is also designed to work with the BigchainBD & Ocean protocol and the Internet Things Data protocol (IOTA Tangle) to extend user functions in the ecosystem.

Ecosystem Shivom can be very popular. The main reason is that the Shivom platform provides its users with a large number of functions. The peculiarity is that all these functions inside the Shivom platform are connected with the help of open source code. This will ensure open and transparent interaction between participants throughout the system.

Market analysis

According to the report of the World Health Organization (WHO), entitled "New Perspectives of Global Health Expenditure for Achieving Universal Health Coverage," in 2010, $ 7.3 trillion was spent on health care, or about 10% of world GDP. The highest rate was recorded in high-income countries, where health care expenditures account for almost 12% of GDP. In low-income countries, an average of 7% of GDP; in middle-income countries - 6% of GDP.
All this shows the prospects and relevance of this project.

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Insanely creative idea! I wish success to the team! Well, thank you for the review of the project!

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Insanely useful platform for improving the health of many people on earth! Thanks for the great article!

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With this project, medicine will change forever and humanity will become healthier

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