SHIVOM-a new era of personalized medical care


Imagine a world that fully meets your unique Needs. The place where you control access to your personal data and manage your own medical care. Think about the fact that if the information stored in your DNA is the key to making it a reality. By studying your most valuable data, your DNA, scientists have the potential to fight any disease known to mankind. Most existing databases are concentrated in the hands of a few companies. And many of the teaching, research companies and medical institutions do not have access to them. This leads to wasted billions of dollars on ineffective medical treatment. Meanwhile, the company's genetic the tests get astronomical profits with the information stored in your unique genetic code. Thanks to the Shivom project, you can regain control over your own genome and get income for your data.


The Shivom project allows you to use cryptographic keys in a secure, decentralized database. This database works on the latest achievements in genomics and is built on blockchain technology and smart contracts. You get the opportunity to communicate directly with clinicians and research organizations, using smart contracts. These smart contracts are designed to protect your data and ethical support for medical treatment.

Anyone who is a user of the platform Shivom will be able to download his DNA into the database. In this case, he accordingly receives its full analysis. The Shivom project will provide the most intimate terms for its users who wish to undergo the genome sequencing procedure. This will be achieved through the use of the most advanced research and diagnostic centers.

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Data storage on the Shivom platform is divided into two parts. Basic data about the user of the platform will be stored in the blockchain, and decoded by the genome in an encrypted database. This will eliminate any fraudulent actions and ensure the protection of data from users of the platform.
It should also be noted that each user of the platform that has data about his genome receives public and private keys. Thus, the keys to a particular genome will belong only to its owner. This will allow the platform user to determine whether to grant access to their data to other companies or not. Due to this, users of the platform will be able to profit for the provision of their data, or provide them for free. In this case, you will always control the ownership of your data.


It is important to note that companies that are interested in purchasing your data can not only pay your data, but also provide you with their services, for example, treatment if you do not have money for it. Another important feature I would like to note is the use of different types of blockchain.

Thanks to the Shivom platform, you can immediately get money for it and exchange it within the platform for platform tokens. You do not need to do extra financial transactions on exchanging fiat money for cryptocurrency. This is also a huge plus for the platform users. All transactions within the platform will be performed using OmiX tokens. This token is an ERC20 standard token.

I would also like to mention a very large number of well-known companies that are partners of the project. For example, ICO Box. This company provides quality ICO for interesting and promising projects. All these projects are thoroughly analyzed and audited before the ICO Box decides to work with them or not. This once again shows the promise of the Shivom project.

Project partners:

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Now in real life there is a mutual interest between scientists and investors: the first need to finance their work, the latter — in a profitable investment of capital. Thanks to such projects as Shivom, I think this is possible. Think about the fact that tomorrow your genomics data can reveal methods of treating thousands of rare complex diseases. Therefore, I believe that you need to join this project in order to participate in the creation of a new era of personalized
medical care.

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Great idea for the team! It remains to wish you success in the implementation of your plan!

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I agree. There was no such idea as far as I know.

07.05.2018 19:07