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Scholars with an incredibly creative mind must agree to compose what the administrators demand, rather than their very own thoughts; visionary chiefs have their options allegorically limited, utilizing their innovativeness to meet the desires for the "item arrangement" promoter; gifted entertainers and on-screen characters see the very theatrical role they were destined to play, be involved by craftsmen of lesser stature however with the constitution or ethnicity chosen by the maker. The world has changed, the watcher has changed. The streaming administrations are developing, similar to memberships as well as in unique substance; Twenty to thirty-year-olds are never again intrigued by the business' endeavors to contend with bigger screens, specific rooms and ludicrously high interest in promoting. They are keen on the substance, paying little mind to whether that is TV, a PC, tablet or cell phone; the medium is no limitation. Filmgrid looks to utilize mechanical, usable and ideological development to give a reasonable business elective, to produce balance among clients and to advance craftsmanship. By disposing of pointless delegates, the production of better movies will be advanced. That way the immediate members get a higher level of the benefit, and they get it sooner. The video clip below tells us what FilmGrid is all about. Don't blink as you watch.

Why Blockchain?
Since its decentralized nature is an ideal fit for the standards/precepts behind Filmgrid. Moreover, it can take care of issues that conventional concentrated innovation can't, especially issues of censorship, delegates impedance or exchange straightforwardness for instance.
To give respectability check to video records, we will store the information off-chain and store a hash of the information on-chain. This ensures the information isn't being altered while shielding the blockchain from getting to be enlarged. We are investigating the advantages of IPFS, to execute sooner rather than later.
With the goal of being gainful as quickly as time permits, the initial two years, the business will occur on the Ethereum blockchain, the DApp and the Smart Contracts will keep running over the blockchain. Gas costs will be spread by the platform, not the clients.


  • MOVIE MARKETPLACE: This is an environment for every movie producer that has created a digital movie (as well as being in the possession of the copyright) and need to benefit from their project, the BillBoard is on our palm, a retail facade for films of all sort, length, kind, and style.

The moviemaker enlists in Filmgrid as Inventive Clients, if the movie is a synergistic work, the included Imaginative Clients must shape what is known as an Innovative Group, at that point upload the movie to the Billboard; once in showcase, a Watcher Client purchases an advanced duplicate of the movie, and, by means of the application, the Movie is downloadable or preferably users can stream it.

  • FUNDING PLATFORM BY POPULAR ELECTION: On the off chance that there are Creatives with a movie venture or a generally excellent thought for one, they can utilize Filmgrid's Pitchboard to finance it, upload a depiction, a picture, Gif, trailer video to take an interest.

It's not exactly crowdfunding, yet it depends on the audience. Filmgrid will deal with production Fund as well as the audience, for this situation the FilmGrid clients, will choose to cast a vote upon the index of activities in the showcase on the Pitchboard which ones will get part(or aggregate) of such reserve.

The casting a vote, fund production administrator and the spreading of assets will be verified by Smart Contracts in the Blockchain, guaranteeing the habitual truthfulness and fitting use of the assets; each Inventive Client from the subsidized Innovative team can believe the platform will discharge their particular installment, along these lines everybody can center in making an incredible film.

Along these lines, the undertaking is submitted distinctly to the Watchers, and never to movie magnates.

  • CINEMA SOCIAL NETWORK: A Social Notoriety Framework will give the best quality control, conveyed by the clients; rating Films and Innovative Clients, awful quality or pathetic Movies won't make to the top, with the likelihood of getting for all time-restricted.

Movies and Innovative Clients can be conceded with an Acclaim; Inventive Groups can gain Applauses relying upon how well "extolled" their task and individuals are; Clients can pursue their preferred Imaginative Clients and Groups; Films can get an Investigate from the individuals who watch it.

Since is a system, an association channel gets open, where Imaginative Clients can discover key individuals for their teams, or discover a group where to contribute, and most significant, gain from the Watchers criticisms


ROAD MAP2016JuneCONCEPTApplying our beliefs about movie industry in a fair business model.2017MarchBLOCKCHAIN TECHNOLOGYAdapting and enhancing Filmgrid to Blockchain Technology.Blockchain TechnologySeptemberBUILDING THE PROJECTThis .space web site has been created to record and inform the project.2018AprilWHITE PAPERStructure and developing of our White Paper version 1.0.AugustICO LISTINGSProject registration on ICO listing specialized websites.DecemberPLANNING RESTRUCTURINGImprovise. Adapt. Overcome. Rethinking the plan of action.2019FebruaryDIGITAL MARKETINGPublic Relations, SEO, Social Networks and online publicity.March-MayPRIVATE SALE & PRE ICOFilmpass Token Distribution in an Pre Coin Offering (ICO).MayDAPP AND SMART CONTRACTSDeveloping the DApp and Smart Contracts and public release of the code.JuneINITIAL COIN OFFERFilmpass Token Distribution final and long round begins.NovemberFILMGRID ETHEREUM RELEASEMinimum Viable Product with the Billboard and early Pitchboard.DecemberFILMGRID PLATFORMStart the development of the Filmgrid Blockchain and configuration.2020JanuaryDAPP MARKETINGWorldwide promotion of Filmgrid Decentralized Aplication.MayQA AND MORE CODINGWell, all the work that has to be made to realease a top quality product.AugustFILMGRID PRIMITIVA RELEASEFilmgrid Blockchain Platform Version 1.0 Release.

To add value to the Filmgrid experience, the user is offered to buy the scoop of the film during the premiere sale, including the additional exclusive material; then we transfer this value to the utility token Filmpass (FILM) since premiere film can only be bought with it.

Token: FILM
Type: Utility
PreICO: Price 1 FILM = 0.000142 ETH
Price: 1 FILM = 0.000333 ETH
Platform: Ethereum
Accepting: ETH
Minimum investment: 0.01 ETH
Soft cap: 13,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 21,000,000 USD
Country: Mexico
Whitelist/KYC: Whitelist
Restricted areas: USA
ICO TIME: Starts in 28 days 21 hours. JANUARY 201-08-01 – 2020-08-31
Token Contract: 0xdadfd3814684a3a08a001500a98eef74f4ac1712
Mint Transaction: 0x3d5197dd0c84bfb2e839498d8cbf5c8a3b7f4ee9f13659648aa64c65b63ba7f4



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