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$100 to start and more than $1000 in profit — how the first 10 stages of the Global Traders Competition were taking place

10 weeks ago, Membrana trust management platform has launched the Global Traders Competition, where every enthusiast had a chance to try his best in trading digital assets. Each week, 100 participants who passed KYC procedure receive $100 and compete for a prize pool of $100,000. Also, all participants receive special tournament points, amount of which is based on their trading success. Subsequently, these points will be exchanged for Membrana tokens. Report from Membrana platform will show you how the first 10 stages of the competition were taking place and how you can participate in this competition today.

Throughout 10 stages of competition, 97 participants from different parts of the world posted 3,389 orders and, thus, realized that Global Traders Competition from Membrana is a real opportunity to earn money. The total profit of all participants is $1198.97!

Equal conditions, same market, different results. Genevieve is a beautiful 23-year-old girl from Philippines who started trading only this year, but it didn’t stop her from becoming the most active participant in several stages. As of today, Genevieve has third place with 297 points, according to Membrana leaderboard. She is only two points away from being second. Membrana team is sure, however, that Genevieve has set her mind for a victory and will do her best to reach her goal.

The second place of Global Traders Competition goes to Taonow from New Jersey, USA. Membrana community was amazed by his trading skills: he closed 10th round with 80% profit! By the way, he shared with you his success of trading.

The first place with 330 points goes to Radix from Krasnodar, Russia. Not only he takes an active part in the competition, but he also provides a valuable feedback on functionality of the platform. Membrana team has proudly announced: by having organized this competition, we’ve met a new friend! Thanks a lot, Radix!

Membrana team thanks all participants for a kind atmosphere and great help in improving platform. “It’s great that, despite a valuable prize, the competition takes place in such a friendly atmosphere,” Yury Gerasimov, the COO of Membrana, noted.

**The prize, in fact, is huge — almost 1 million US $ in cash and tokens!

A prize pool of $100,000, part of which will be shared among 20 winners of the competition after the ICO; about $800,000 in Membrana tokens which will be shared among all participants, and official Membrana hoodies! The competition will continue for several months, so you can still join to win the prize!**

How to participate in the Global Traders Competition?

1. Register on Membrana platform and pass KYC;

2. Get $100 on the Binance Exchange for trading;

3. Trade and earn money with Membrana;

4. Get all your profit on Ethereum wallet at the end of each round!

5. Earn tournament points and count how many Membrana tokens you will get after ICO: Points will be exchanged in the ratio 1 to 1000. The winner of one stage gets 100 points. Multiply them by a thousand — 100,000 Membrana tokens! In total, 4% of all tokens will be distributed among the participants. At an ICO price, 4% of tokens will match $ 800,000!

6. Win a part of the prize pool of $100,000 which will be distributed after the ICO among top 20 traders of the competition. Also, top 100 traders will get official Membrana hoodies!

Also, watch our video manual.

Earn with Membrana and register now to participate in our competition!

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