New update: trading bots!

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This is the only language they speak; however, very often, they offer more efficient solutions than humans do, while making profit and not demanding anything in return. They are useful to trader as well as to investor. Who are they?

This is a next stage in platform’s beta version: Membrana creates the opportunity to invest in bots!

What features does this update offer?

Risk reduction. Trading bots are computer programs which use various indicators in order to recognize trends and automatically execute transactions. Thanks to trading bots, which Membrana uses, there is a chance to earn and invest. This is an excellent opportunity to diversify investor’s portfolio.

Platform developers have already developed API which provides the ability to any bots owner to connect their product with Membrana. Today, negotiations take place with several companies which have their own bots. Membrana is very serious about this process, so it selects its digital candidates very carefully.

So, you have your own trading bot and you are ready to introduce it to Membrana platform?

You get:

  • access to a large number of investors
  • ability to test your algorithms
  • a major partner and access to its community

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Earn with Membrana!

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