Airdrop from Membrana: a new approach to obtaining tokens

The trust management platform of digital assets Membrana has often surprised the audience with a non-standard approach to standard things.

Today we stay true to ourselves. We present you Airdrop from Membrana: take part in our Global Traders Competition and get platform tokens!

We will distribute 2% of our tokens to the Global Traders Competition participants according to obtained points! It’s worth $300,000 with a platform hard cap equal $8,000,000.

So how can I earn Membrana Tokens? From Jule 16th traders compete on Membrana platform with the real money, trusted them by unique Membrana algorithm. Every week we conclude results and all participants receive their profit in ETH. And depending on their rank position everybody receive Tournament Points. In the end of the competetition we are sending everybody a part of this huge token pool. For each earned Tournament Point you will receive 1,000 Membrana Tokens, which is worth $15 on ICO.

Btw, what do you know about Membrana Tokens? MBN token is an utility token. It is used on the platform to unlock advanced features, use Membrana external API or to pay platform commission fees. Users can pay in other currencies or fiat, but paying with MBN tokens will be significantly cheaper.

So, lets conclude how the airdrop works. To get the Membrana platform tokens, you need to participate in the Global Traders Competition. Each week you earn tournament points. At the end of ICO, these points will be converted into tokens. How to participate in our competition?

Also watch our video manual!

Play, win and get 2% of our tokens according to obtained points in the Global traders Competition! Earn $100,000 of cash prices and tokens worth of $300,000!!!

Attention! There are other ways to get tokens except to participate in the competition! In the near future we’ll told about it.

Follow the news and good luck in the competition!

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