Datareum is a blockchain technology for an effective purchase of personal data.

Every year the data market is fulfilled with a huge amount of information. Personal data is collected by data brokers and after that is sold to companies. Organizations themselves use relevant information to understand and meet customers' needs, thereby increasing their own profits. Such an information is also used by different institutes. At the same time, the total income of such brokers is several tens of billions of dollars a year.

Nowadays, the collection of personal data has some significant problems. First of all, persons providing private data don't really know about its collection and they get no profit from doing this. The second problem is the inaccurate information, received from brokers. That's because data is often created by bots of low quality, what makes companies suffer losses after the data purchase.

A new platform Datareum let solve over-mentioned problems.

Project goals

This platform will allow ordinary users the following possibilities:

· to manage their own data;
· to monetize personal information;
· to choose information to provide with;
· to earn money by participating in surveys.

Thanks to this platform companies will be able:

· to create surveys focused on the target audience;
· to reduce costs of the information purchase by excluding of intermediaries;
· to resell the received information to other users of the platform;
· to sell their own products to the target audience, which participate in surveys.

Working principle

The Datareum platform will allow all research Institutes to get only necessary information. It will be provided by creating unique surveys. So, in order to find out what goods will be moneymaking when entering the market, the company creates a special survey, which indicates the level of income, the age, and also the expected number of people taking part in the survey.

After the end of the survey, all data is kept in a special storage with a high level of protection. Herewith the protection level is so high, that hackers will fail in their attempts to hack the storage, and it will be much easier for them to buy the data they need. Then the company buy data from the storage and the received money are shared among the parties participated in a survey.

Thus, a company, created a survey, gets the most accurate data from the category of people it's interested in, and ordinary users get DTN coins. The information, generated in such a way, may be sold further to another company or research center, what will allows to minimize organization's costs.

The received platform tokens can be withdrawn through the exchange and converted to Fiat money or a special voucher, allowing to buy products from one of the companies, creating such surveys.

For instance, the Reebok company wants to know their customers' points of view, what characteristic features a new model of footwear, which is being designed, must possess. To do that, it creates a survey and points there, that it should be taken by 3 thousand men at the age from 25 till 35, living in the USA. According to these parameters, the target audience, which this new model of sports footwear is meant for, has already been determined. After passing the survey, the consumer corresponding to the declared parameters receives DTN tokens and apply to the platform store for the exchange of received coins to a special voucher, that provides a discount on the purchase of the company's sports footwear in the online store. Thus, through such simple actions, an ordinary consumer can buy trainers he has been dreaming for a long time. Herewith, the company gets the information about what kind of footwear the audience really needs.

Dates and details of ICO

The pre-sale of DTN coins will be carried out since 28 April 2018. The official start of sales is scheduled for 18 May 2018.

When buying tokens during pre-sales, the following bonuses will be offered to investors:

· 1 to 4,9 ETH give 10 percent;
· 5 ETH and more give 20 percent.

1 DTN costs $ 0,03. The project hardcap is $18 million.


Every year large companies spend billions of dollars for the personal information purchase. Such data are often unreliable or unusable. Therefore, it is quite obvious that organizations will strive to receive personal data directly by applying to the target audience, and buying them at a lower cost is quite an attractive proposition for them. In this regard, the interest in this platform is very great. Therefore, investing in its tokens might be very profitable.

Don't forget you can receive money or discounts on goods by taking part in surveys and it's very attractive. It also indicates people further desire to participate in them.

Besides, the project has high expert ratings:

· ICO RATED – 4,7 out of 5;
· Track ICO – 4,4 out of 5.


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