CURAIZON - review of the ICO project

As we can earn
If you not the pharmaceutical company, either research laboratory, or the patient who constantly forgets to take the pill then we can earn from this project having bought coins (or having received them during Bounty of the companies) and having sold them through time. For example, in 2020 when version 2.0 is started.
But I like to look at projects not only as "speculator" coins, but also from the point of view of real problems and their real decision. Therefore as true judges blockchain technologies and their potential influence on our life, let's talk about pressing problems which are solved by this project.

Even if you, well purely theoretically, "potential influence on our life" then as the true speculator have to understand for what this project to estimate its possible X.

Drugs - not cheap pleasure, but if it is correct to use them, and in principle not to forget to accept as it is offered the doctor, then it strongly saves on possible costs for hospitals and treatment. Besides treatment of those who take medicine twice cheaper, than those who do not accept.

As showed researches, a huge number of patients (50%!), who take medicine independently at home, just forget to take recipes, to buy drugs or is banal to drink.
For example, in the EU for the last year 194 thousand lethal outcomes were recorded for the reason that the person did not take medicine according to the instruction.

Business model
Let's watch that children from Curaizon offer to solve this problem (plus, running forward, some more).
There are three basic elements of an ecosystem of Curaizon (I do not know how to you, and I for convenience about myself call the project Korasong, type as in the Brazilian song of Mi Korasong). And so.

It is system which directly contacts to the patient. By means of text messages reminds him that it is necessary to take medicine. Also curaserve allows to connect relatives and the patient's friends for support and participation in treatment. Well and at last provides data in real time on a condition of the patient.

This system makes communication and integration. For example with medical services, watches that data of the patient were urgent, makes entries in an electronic medical card, etc.

Here it is flown down data which are necessary for researches for the same pharmaceutical companies. Any personal data, only demography and data on how medicine and influence of it on health were taken. Personal data are stored by off-chain and are ciphered by means of AES 256. For work of this system CuraToken is used.
That is those who want to obtain data to BigData on a subject drug intake and influence on health can get access to the Curadata system for tokens and use Machine Learning for the purposes.

How it works?
Here let's review several examples for different participants of an ecosystem. Will be so simpler and more evident.

John learned that he has a diabetes. It goes to the doctor where to it prescribe insulin on a constant basis, is strict according to the schedule. it is connected to the Curaserve system. Since this time he begins to receive notices that it is necessary to take medicine.
Plus it can add the friends or relatives who will be an insurance in case he will not drink medicine in time to it.

Every time when he takes medicine in time, Curaizon will charge coins on charity, motivating John to accept them in time (if own health not sufficient motivation of course).

This is conditional "doctor", that is any medical institution where John is registered. They obtain in real time data on how John takes medicine. That is before situation will become critical, they can interfere and help.
Plus to everything, is extensive experience which can be used for improvement of appointments, etc.

It too conditional name. Here both pharmaceutical companies, and laboratories and scientific centers, etc. They base the research on Real-Time Data, and it is huge plus. Access to the real Curaizon database is much cheaper, than to conduct own researches.
Plus BigData and Machine Learning is real here that allows to draw much more precisely conclusions on these or those groups of drugs or patients.

On the website the general roadmap which does not give complete idea of that is presented, the project will develop how exactly. Only the general directions.

And here if to glance in WhitePaper, then there everything is a little more detailed. For this reason you us read, huh? Because always we look slightly more deeply.


The third quarter 2018 one of the most powerful in the road map. Works I will be conducted in three directions: Curaserve, dashboard of the client and cursor of Real-time of rating system of drug intake.


It is Beta and Public full start of the Curaserve system (including iOS, Android and Website), and gamification of the account of patent and it is a lot of important modules for rating system. Abruptly that all this not once, in a couple of years, and already this spring.

The main source of monetization - access to Big Data. And the price will be recorded in Fiat and will grow because the number of participants (patients and their doctors) will grow, complexity and volume of Machine Learning will increase, etc.

The cost of access will depend on that how many information and what complexity will need to provide. (number of patients, demography, diseases, drugs, geography, time span, etc.).

It is necessary to tellIt is necessary to tell about CuraCharity still. The company plans to spend 10% of profit for the charitable organizations which will be chosen by participants of the project. It is always laudable.

Audit a smart of contracts, as well as all audit was completely undertaken by the ICO BOX company. And it, I will tell you, very serious plus in reality and in a project karma. The smart the contract was promised to be laid out on GitHub in day when we wrote this review.
On a question about MVP, children answered that MVP is in the mode of the closed beta because of possible leaks. We could look in the video call mode at work of dashbord of the patient, doctor and researcher, for example.
The patient sees the progress, the passed doses, contributions to charity (become when he takes medicine in time), etc. Doctors see the list of clients, critical clients, diseases, percent of acceptance of drugs, etc.

At users of the database an opportunity to do different selections for the needs. In total, it seems, and simply, but all coolness not in simplicity, and in volume of these data and in their relevance, practically Real-time.

We go further. The first that was evident - is not present faunder (founders), all of type Top managers. Asked about it Nicholas (CEO) and here so just wrote him to Telegram in the personal message the questions and he very kindly answered them. And so, Nicholas answered that the founder one and it he. Here so.
Nicholas James Rumble (CEO) - wide administrative experience, work in the sphere of bank investments. Experience as with private and corporate clients.

Chris Matey (CFO) - at Chris is also extensive experience, both in creation of own companies, and in the financial analyst and consultation. Work in OrderTrust and CyberCash, whose products are applied around the world.

Darran Trute (CTO) - who at them is responsible for a technical part. There began as project the manager in Vodafone in far 2000, then there were many years of IT of analytics, management and as a result all this poured out in love to a blokcheyn and dense work in this sphere: Block3, Odin Blockchain, etc.

Andrey Verbitsky (ICO the director) - can not speak about 80 started tokens, a lot of projects where he was an adviser. It is possible to tell that since August, 2017 it works as the adviser and the architect of a tokenomika in ICOBOX.

Luke Lederal (CDO) - probably Luke at them in team main "nerd". All life was engaged in databases, modeling of systems, automation of data, Machine Learning, etc.

And as at the team of experience in the medical sphere there is not a lot of, they elected the correct advisers.
Rory McCrea - the dude who is on border of business and medicine. For example. it started a startup which successfully sold in 2010 in 2001 (it is the whole network of points of delivery of health care in England and Wales. Is unambiguously the expert in the field of automation and development of medical branch.

Sarah Chilvers - also has skills and experience on a joint of medicine and business. Worked in the national medical organization, was engaged in updating of outdated programs and systems, received awards for a contribution to development of medicine, etc.

Parexel - the organization which is in the second place in the world on the volume of researches. 95% from TOP200 of drugs were created by N an abaze of their researches. quite good partner. (and it is possible also the investor)


Partners in this project are responsible for technologies. I just had a question of rather technical aspect of the project. and here partners who have to help with it appeared in time. IOT, BigData, analytics, cloud services and cyber safety. Excellent set.

Goods person
In the beginning we will walk on tokens in a section of the carried-out ICO. Pre-Sale is already graduated (results are not disclosed yet, the CEO answered nothing the direct question "how many collected"). Now there is Public Sale and will go till September 8. Bonuses depend on the volume of investment:

• 20% at investments more than $1 million
• 15% at investments more than $100 thousand.
• 10% at investments more than $10 thousand.
• 5% at investments more than $1 thousand.
I think that investment into $1 million does not look strange because the main consumers on the party of those who pay will be the pharmaceutical companies and the research centers like Parexel. And at these children with money precisely everything is good.



Too without special surprises. A half on development of a product, and further in process of decrease of importance in the current world: marketing, OS, business development, administrative expenses.

As for application and importance of a token, I will tell only one: the token of CTKN is an only way to get access to the database in which invaluable researches of millions of patients are stored worldwide. It is enough to say that this token will be in the price.

Excellent symbiosis of team, advisers, partners and a real problem which needs really to be solved. That is there is a main thing for any goods - demand.

If to read the last paragraph of the previous section about the only access to base and to add there that in the world on volume the research center already arrived by the second to this feeding trough, then everything will seems to me with this project well.

For absence of open MVP and there is not enough information on how all this will work from the point of view of blockchain technologies I put 8 of 10. (but perhaps I beat down the price to come cheaper, and;)?)

The fact that the project is directed to pharmaceutical companies is certainly plus and means stable demand for tokens
The project receives assessment of 8 of 10.

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