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Thaler Review

The world is an amazing thing. It has so many interesting and diverse things. It has countless opportunities and options for events. The combination of which each time forms new and improved solutions. That, in principle, we already had the opportunity to observe, with the advent of modern technologies, namely Blockchain technology. I think it is not a secret that this technology really has a number of advantages, and also has special properties that make it special and at the same time unique.

However, despite all these advantages, its structure is still developing and improving. This growth dynamics is formed as technology grows, the needs of society, as well as other areas of influence that affect this technology area in their projects. That is, if you now remember the days when the blockchain was born, with the world's first cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it had rather narrow opportunities. Subsequently, over time, a new type of coin and another type of blockchain appeared, faster and easier to scale, and it is called Ethereum. Subsequently, many other networks with blockchains appeared, each of which is ready to demonstrate its distinctive features.

But, despite such a pleasant growth dynamics and a positive aspect of the technology, many fraudsters began to abuse the trust of the audience, in particular investors, who were especially interested in investing in promising projects. Now, against the background of sad practice and a large number of accumulated scammers, the cryptocurrency market has stalled somewhat in its further development. Unlike “beautiful” fraudulent projects, the most promising projects lose their voice and open up new opportunities for existence. Since investors have become extremely skeptical of all blockchain projects. This, of course, causes irreparable damage to the development of not only this technology, but also our modern society as a whole.

A team of experts suggests restoring the balance and transparency of all procedures. The mission of which is to provide complete and truthful information about all subsequent projects that have passed their evaluation. I wonder what I'm talking about? Then read on.

The Thaler team understands how difficult it is to enter the cryptocurrency industry and offers new investors to correctly and informatively find the best investment options. At the same time, it is also difficult for project creators to find financing for their ideas. In this way, Thaler provides an ecosystem that solves all the pooling problems and connects proven projects in various ways with investors and partners. Various contests will be held on the platform that will be subject to a strictly democratic process. Simply put, there will be a vote for the best project. A project that wins the vote has the right to the funds received as a result of listing and the opportunity to receive more sponsorship and cooperation from interested investors. But this does not mean that other projects will not receive sponsors. At the site, any investor can support any project listed on the platform. More information at

Thaler Project Principle

Naturally, to enter the Thaler platform, projects must meet certain criteria.

  • Competitiveness. The first criterion by which the project is evaluated is competitiveness. Agree, why spend precious time on a project that is not able to benefit in the future? Isn't it better to pay attention to potentially interesting projects? But here there will be a division into projects with potential success. The higher it is, the more attention the project will receive.
  • Contribution. In order to weed out even more lovers of profit, the creators of Thaler introduced a mandatory contribution, the minimum size of which is 1 Ethereum coin. Of this total fund, 90% will be received by the winner, which is determined by voting on the platform. Representatives of other projects can also participate in the voting, but voting for oneself is impossible, only for competitors. The remaining 10% will go to the general fund for charity. There will also be a fee of 100 TAL, which will go towards supporting the work and development of the Thaler project.

This idea will help significantly reduce risks when choosing blockchain projects, optimize and create a reliable cryptocurrency portfolio, promote the development and promotion of new unique products, expand the boundaries for each person in terms of investment, because this will be enough to have a Smartphone and purchase assets from anywhere in the world without using the services of brokers and other consultants. All this increases the likelihood of the global adoption and introduction of digital currencies to the masses.

Product Team

You can still tell a lot about the project. To get acquainted in detail with all the nuances of the company, website, team, Whitepaper, roadmap, I will leave the necessary links below in the description. In conclusion, I want to say that this is a modern, innovative project that can make a breakthrough in the cryptocurrency sphere and bring profit to its investor in the near future.

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