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Orionix - merge games and blockchain

Who would have thought that eSports would become so popular a direction that he would gather around him simply tens of hundreds of thousands of fans, players and other partners associated with this industry. The growth and popularity of this area is so global that in the near future, the total capitalization of eSports will exceed 180 billion US dollars. To be honest, I'm in shock. But what to do, the world is developing, directions and active leisure of society are developing.

However, despite all these positive moments, many of the participants in this direction experience enormous difficulties. And in the first place, these difficulties relate to fraudulent behavior on the part of many platforms and centralized games. Secondly, many players lose, under uncertain circumstances, their characters or some valuable skins that they have achieved through long-term personal work and time spent on the game. As a result, it leads to multi-billion dollar losses from the players.

Orionix has a special team to meet the needs of players and offer a safe environment for trading Real - (RMT) money. Since there is a huge demand, but there is no adequate supply in this area, the Orionix project is aimed at protecting players and offering fair deals that include the security provided during the transaction. It acts as an intellectual system that aims to merge two faces of a single coin. To create the ORX token according to the ERC-20 standards, the token value is generated related to the purchase and sale of goods and services related to video games.

Secondly, the web platform is designed for players to have a secure transaction and easy access with ORX tokens. Both the buyer and the seller are bound by a contract that will be verified using a system security algorithm and completed in a monitoring protocol based on blockchain technology.

One of the highlights offered by this Ethereum-based platform is the combination of smart contracts that allow the standard to be prepared directly in the code and not to be confused. This allows you to use the stage for safe game competitions around the world. Each company is supported by a healthy backbone, and ensuring the security of transactions and lost income from higher exchange costs inhibits game development; however, ORX tokens changed the model, defeating various market regions.

Principle of operation

The team will give priority to their efforts to create the ORX platform, which is available for desktop computers (Windows, MacOS, Linux) and mobile devices (iOS and Android). On this platform, ORX tokens will act as a trademark for virtual products, such as game items, game sharing and services. The focus is on the main partners in the gaming industry, which allows them to have an authorized exchange platform for virtual products bound by a strict contract. In fact, this will increase the right of re-sale for the user, which will expand the possibilities of virtual trading. The possibility of resale of virtual products is a motivating factor for the team project Orionix to create equity in the blockchain.

Orionix Platform Differences:

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