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As you know, Ethereum has to move from mining Proof-of-Work to Proof-of-Stake. PoW is extremely wasteful and slow, and a PoW-based coin cannot scale efficiently because all miners must work on the same puzzle at the same time. Proof of stakes is simpler, greener and more economical. This is probably the way to the future, but for miners it is not very good. With PoS, they will only receive transaction fees - and will not receive blocking rewards at all. If Ethereum suddenly releases a critical update that includes PoS, it is likely that most miners will not accept it.

But those good times are gone. The new generation ASIC is twice as efficient as GPUs, so small miners have practically no chance. Their rewards are reduced to 2 ETH, the price remains low, mining farms using ASICs are beginning to dominate, energy costs are rising... It seems that everything is dark and gloomy for GPU miners. This is where 2Ether enters the scene. Thanks to our dynamic block rewards, small miners will finally receive an equal playing field with mining farms. In our next post we will explain how this works!

Innovative Features: 2Ether provides a convenient low-cost launchpad for promising startups and encourages all users who benefit from the network. Designed for use in real business. 2Ether's key strategy for the market is to establish partnerships with global and regional crypto-payment gateways and online businesses - e-commerce stores, gaming platforms, crowdfunding sites, etc. We believe that cryptocurrency will become a universally accepted means of payment only after non-cryptocurrency companies will start accepting it. Thanks to our community, we will reach thousands of enterprises - primarily those that do not yet work with cryptocurrency.

Principle of the 2Ether project

2EtherDEX is conceived as the best introduction to decentralized trading for both beginners and professionals.

2EtherDEX provides almost zero commission for trading and full protection against hacker attacks and thefts, making decentralized trading faster, easier and more safer. No registration, no KYC, no limited jurisdiction - this is a decentralized trade, as it should be.

You can tokenize any asset - virtual or physical - and withdraw your new token to 2EtherDEX. It’s fast and free - we do not charge any listing fees. Your asset will immediately be available for sale. And through integration with our future IEO platform, you can also raise initial funds for your project.

You can study this project using the technical documentation proposed in the resources listed below. Which links, I have specially prepared for you.

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