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Inmining is a new innovative project that is ready to provide everyone with a unique opportunity to participate in cryptocurrency mining. Interestingly, if you decide to work with the platform, you will no longer need to buy equipment, assemble a farm, solve serious cooling problems and many other problems. You now get 100% access to advanced mining advanced technologies from well-known companies with a worldwide reputation. A modern Data Center will be built on the territory of Russia in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. The capacity of this center will be 10 MW.

Although the growth of the Bitcoin market returned in the second quarter of 2019 after a long decline, the Bitcoin mining company is still facing a number of challenges. Rising energy prices, lack of technical competence, low profits, high taxes, increased pressure from the authorities, lack of places with the necessary infrastructure - all these problems lead to the collapse and closure of many mining companies.

Inmining will allow everyone interested users to participate in the industrial mining of bitcoins without the need to buy expensive equipment or join a mining group. The project will be centered around Russia's largest data center, which will be built in the Alabuga Special Economic Zone. As a resident of SEZ, Inmining will benefit from significant advantages that will provide a serious competitive advantage and maximize the benefits of its mining.

At the same time, BitFury container mining solutions will provide maximum mining productivity and efficiency on an industrial scale.

Production of the Inmining Data Center will be based on the use of Bitfury's BlockBox AC modular equipment (container assembly). This equipment makes it easy to expand and scale production in increments of 1.2 MW and at the same time completely minimize capital construction costs and ensure quick installation and commissioning.

The principle of the Inmining project

Inmining has the following advantages over competitors of this type:

  • Ability to join at any time. Inmining tokens will be freely available not only during the sale of tokens, but also subsequently, on cryptocurrency exchanges. Similarly, anyone who wants to become an Inmining member can do this at any time. Cloud mining providers regularly stop selling Bitcoin contracts when they do not have free mining equipment.
  • Transparent process. Inmining data center will be built in the next few months, and its location in IES Alabuga is known. This distinguishes the project from cloud mining providers, which often do not have their own mining equipment.

Problems that Inmining solves:

  • Expensive electricity;
  • Low or negative profitability;
  • Tax;
  • Legal restrictions that apply to crypto mining;
  • Infrastructure requirements.

Key IEO Details

  • INMG = 0,1$
  • IEO: 25.09 - 12.10

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