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What Is Regotoken?

Real estate industry throughout the planet are in its summit and flourishing. Properties are high in number and buying home is very awkward, expensive and time consuming. But slowly and the actual estate scenario is shifting. There are software that allow that you search for possessions. And the period isn't far when you're able to get property utilizing cryptocurrency. 

Blockchain is actually a disruptive technology and it'll change the way in which people traditionally purchase and sell possessions. Putting the actual estate industry over the blockchain will ease the buyers to purchase and sellers to list their own properties with one click onto their own handheld devices. Rego will precisely the same.

The project originates from the USA and gradually disperse across Asia and lots of other nations. Rego allows buyers to observe innumerable sellers and properties can display their possessions at no cost. Rego reflects the view of its creators that investors ought to find a way to provide with great yields. 

Rego will sell possessions into major property investors shape round the world at a reduce price. That is permitted by carrying the great things about a system and creator predicated and sourcing procedures.

REGO is a world wide property trading platform depending on the blockchain technology developed to interrupt the classic housing marketplace. A program can be found on the Android, i-OS, and also the internet. Blockchain technology can be useful to encourage the P2P system and confirm the trades from the very first block into the previous block. 3D Virtual tours are given to the consumers before your land is bought. 

Working pattern

Sometimes sellers are in a difficult situation and require immediate fund liquidation. An owner can now dispose his property quickly without going through a lengthy and complicated process. BMV or Below Market Value investment of real estate property requires careful screening and active research to ensure its cost-efficiency. A purchaser can easily maximize his return because of built-in equity.

In general terms, it means that the initial investment is small compared to property appreciation in future and that too at reduced risk. For example, an investor can buy a property worth 50, 000 $ at 40,000 $ on REGO platform with a profit 10,000 $ instant equity on the first day itself. REGO portal has become a hub for such BMV properties.

Trading platform

Based on available facts I believe REGO trading platform will allow global investors easy access to information and secure investment purchase. Payment options include major crypto-currencies like REGO Tokens, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. REGO coins facilitate seamless overseas transactions by eliminating high banking fees. Total token allocation of REGO is 72% for public sale, 18.2% reserved and 9.8% for advisors. 

REGO tokens and usage of funds

REGO tokens will be useful while purchasing properties via its platform. With time the portal will expand its horizons to several countries. Funds raised will help in the development of its portal and on any ongoing expenses for supporting the ecosystem. 

The founding family of REGO will be accountable for usage of funds resulting via sale of all the tokens held in REGO Token Reserve. The platform and its features will distribute REGO tokens in initial stages. The global cryptocurrency investment community will determine its future value. 


On the technological development side, in 2018, it was planned: release of the dashboard, release of the White Paper, launch of the crowds dale and all stages of sales, release of the tokens and their distribution, hiring key personnel and a beta version of the platform. In 2019, it is planned to integrate with partners, as well as the ability to work through web pages and on mobile devices. A plus is an attempt to explore potential markets in Asia, Europe and Canada. 


REGO team includes advisors from across the world who are specialists in fields like legal, finance, blockchain and most importantly real estate. The core team has utilized their vast experience to come up with this high-tech platform. 

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