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        Greetings to you, dear readers. I am always glad to share with you the most promising ideas and start-ups from the world of crypto-currencies. They are created in order to facilitate our life with you, and to change the world in the future.

     Around 600 million people in the world use various ad blockers for smartphones and PCs to avoid Intrusive advertising. Advertising to such an extent has become a blind spot for users that they prefer not to watch it at all. At the same time, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to see new technologies and products in the subject that interests them. Advertisers are spending more and more budgets every day to reach out to the hearts of consumers.

      The world of digital marketing has grown exponentially and opens up many opportunities for users. So many things are now available, for example, various advertisements, social networks and much more. The plus of this promotion is the fact that you can access a lot of information on the Internet that you need. There is a lot of information that spreads on the Internet: thousands of ads, videos on YouTube, news, online stores, etc.

     Thus, the annoying and aggressive nature of ads is the main reason for the collapse of digital advertising. At the moment, about 600 million people are already blocking advertising with Adblocker or other Google plug-ins. And more and more people are ignoring and closing such advertising. This makes the world of digital advertising powerless and inefficient, and companies spend money on failed advertising on the Internet. 

    Introducing the platform Vidy. This platform is exactly what companies need to increase the demand of the Internet user, as well as the advertising needs of all companies.

        Vidy is the world’s first decentralized ad network, powered by the ethereum blockchain. Vidy’s ad platform allows advertisers to embed video ads directly into hyper-relevant website text, improving user experience, ad conversions and publisher payments.

      With just a hold, users can now reveal tiny hyper-relevant videos embedded in the text of any page on the web, unlocking a whole new dimension of the internet. All ads are placed with an NLP consensus protocol driven by miners.

     With a team of veteran engineers, industry-leading advisors and world-class brand partners, Vidy is on it’s way to reinventing online advertising, e-commerce, and entertainment.

      Vidy has invented the first single-page invisible embed layer for video, run on the Ethereum blockchain.Vidy constructs a ledger system that measures how long a user watches an ad thanks to hold tracking technology on its embed layer. Vidy then rewards publishers and users accordingly for holding down on ads with VidyCoins, taken as a fraction of the VidyCoin payout made from advertiser to publisher for that video ad impression.

     With just a hold, users can now reveal tiny hyper-relevant videos hidden behind the text of any page on the web, unlocking a whole new dimension to the internet.

  • Publisher / Advertiser Dashboard: Publishers and advertisers get acccess to a dashboard where they can manage their campaigns and upload their video advertisements. They can adjust live campaigns, view statistics on each campaign and individual video ad’s performance, and see analyrics on users and publishers to evaluate how they are performing and iterate copy and creative accordingly.
  • Video Ads: Circular hyper-relevant tiny videos that pop up while holding down on Vidylinks. 
  • Application Layer: The application layer is the consumer-facing distributor of video ads across the web, encapsulated in an SDK that can be installed with just a tap by any publisher. Indexed Websites Vidy indexes
  • Protocol NLP. Vidy's ad placement mechanism is a proprietary NLP protocol with open source code that automatically places video ads in the giant text of millions of publisher's pages. 
  • Consensus Layer: The consensus layer receives user data along with ad performance information from the data layer and processes it as inputs in the placement-scripts that it runs. This is done in conjunction with decrypting the smart contracts that are handed off for user-data target application.
  • Data Layer: The data layer is the foundation of the Vidy Ad distribution platform, concurrently communicating with the application consensus layers, and transparently maintaining all incoming data in the immutable Vidy ledger. The data layer maintains a record of all embed placements, hold times, VidyCoin payouts, VidyCoin staked balances, and all VidyCoin transactions via the application layer’s one-tap purchase modal.

      Vidy doesn't show ads right away. This plugin just highlights the text that is relevant to the ad. When you move your mouse over this area of text, a tiny window POPs up where you can intuitively see where this content is going. It can be a piece of video, picture or text call. Thus, the consumer is not distracted by extraneous elements, but consumes information in the flow. And if the advertising content interests him and solves his problems, he goes to it already prepared.

       Vidy is watching, how long the user has held the attention of the advertising, and pay tokens for it VidyCoins for it. Thus, for the time spent watching advertising, the employer pays.

      Such mechanics can save the user's time. Because it has the ability to consume much more information about new products and services. That is, if he reads a text, he is already interested. As he reads, he learns from the text about the companies that are currently engaged in solving the problems of consumers of this content. If it catches the attention of some proposal, then it goes to him. Thus, the consumer is at the forefront of a wave of innovation on the subject of interest, gently and unobtrusively. Still and earning under this.

      For an advertiser, Vidy is an opportunity to show your ads on millions of pages on the Internet. This opens up opportunities to look for consumers at extremely low-frequency requests, getting right on target, and saving the advertising budget.

     Resources, which is text and which is viewing ads also get reward tokens.   

        A Revolution to both the Ad & Blockchain Industry

    The most exciting part about Vidy is that there is NO SWITCHING COST involved at all for users. Users simply continue to read news or articles on the web as per normal, but now are able to experience Vidy with just a simple hold. Each time Vidy integrates with a major publisher, Vidy gains all the userbase of that publisher. It is one of the most scalable business models in the blockchain world.

     With rewards being “airdropped” into the hands of users as they unveil ads, it is the first time that an ICO project is able to reach out on a massive scale, not just to the crypto community, but also everyone else. This creates massive exposure to VidyCoin as Vidy continues to integrate with all major publishers in the world.

      It is the first time an ICO project brings together traditional business and blockchain in a feasible and scalable manner, creating lots of value to everyone in the ecosystem. This is just the beginning of the revolution.   


  • Token name: VIDY
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Payment method: ETH
  • Soft Cap: 15,000 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 60,000 ETH

  The distribution of tokens and funds is as follows:


     Is this company a good investment for you? If you believe in the power of artificial intelligence, yes. The developers of VidyCoin are confident that they will be able to achieve some success in this segment. AI is likely to improve a lot in the future, as well as the cost of this company and its tokens.   



 All the important information about the Vidy Coin project can be found here: 

WEBSITE: https://vidy.com 

TELEGRAM: https://t.me/vidycoin 

WHITEPAPER: https://vidy.com/static/whitepaper.pdf 

ANN THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4607821.0 

BOUNTY THREAD: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4562571.0 

FACEBOOK: https://facebook.com/vidycoin 

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/vidycoin 

MEDIUM: https://medium.com/@vidycoin 

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/vidycoin/ 

LINKEDIN: https://www.linkedin.com/company/vidyinc/ 

REDDIT: https://reddit.com/r/vidy 

STEEMIT: https://github.com/vidy 


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