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In times of negative interest rates, good profit-generating investment opportunities are in more demand than we could ever think. The digital advancement of blockchain technology has seen more people opting to invest in cryptocurrencies.

This market, however, is not yet saturated; thus you can be assured of a good return rate. When we look at the stock market, its dominated by big investors who greatly control the events surrounding it, making very hard for new investors to make an entrance to the market.

Stock markets are also very hard for laypersons to understand. The crypto market, however, compared to other conventional forms of investment, does not require capital commitment.

To be able to invest successfully, we need to overcome some obstacles Cryptocurrencies are relatively young and the technology underlying it is difficult for some people to understand. Characterizations of conventional currencies can’t be applied to cryptocurrencies in a one-to-one manner; the knowledge and demarcation from traditional views have to be improved. An appropriate manner of accessing cryptocurrencies also has to be chosen as there are several options currently. Once this challenge has been resolved, the real work then begins.

Design feature

Undoubtedly, to ensure such a high level of utility, the developers of TYCOON have made every effort to ensure that their system is the best of its kind and has received approval worldwide. And those PRO traders who shared their experience and thoughts about what kind of platform they lack on the market helped them to achieve all these indicators. And also, what kind of tools it should conceal.

Thus originated the structure of TYCOON, which combines only the best and most useful tools necessary for a full and high-quality trading.


With the advent of this kind of project, the lives of many traders will change to “before and after”. Since it is in TYCOON they will find the most reliable and high-quality momentum, which is based not only on the automatic presentation of market analysis and some abstract theories. And it is formed directly on the experience and knowledge of PRO traders who form the market Analytics for hours, revealing its dynamics and growth rates.

To some it may seem not effective at all, as the trader may make a mistake and all repeat after him too. However, as practice shows, dry statistics are not supported by years of experience and knowledge, much less effective than the same trader. Therefore, this has its advantages and most importantly they are available to all.

In TYCOON not important to the beginner you or the average experience. The structure of this platform is designed in such a way that all its participants have access to all the best and highly effective tools of the entire market. By the way, I forgot to add that the basis of TYCOON was the modern blockchain technology, by means of which all internal actions will be carried out with even greater speed and the lowest Commission, as it is currently in the classic stock markets and other trading platforms. At the same time, blockchain and its accompanying cryptocurrencies allow to saturate the young crypto-currency market, which will provoke a new wave of growth in this direction and its General popularization.

For users to describe the platform in a simple way;

You will be able to search for any investments you want. As a result of your search you can find details of the trader you want to follow. You can find out how much money the trader makes and analysis of how much he has a follower. You can follow the trader for a month. If you want to extend it, you can extend it in four-week periods. If you do not like the trader's moves and analysis, you may leave at any time.

Usage Fee

If the amount allocated to the trader is less than $ 5,000, the follower can access information provided by the trader for four weeks by paying a one-time fee of $ 5. If the amount allocated to the trader is greater than $ 5,000, the follower can follow for four weeks by paying 0.1%. In the first year, the follower is entitled to a 20% discount on the fees he would pay if he used the Tycoon token.

Tycoon ICO Information

The ICO of the project is in progress and is 1 TYC= 0.1 USD. Tyc ethereum is a sub-built platform. The total amount of tokens is 160 million TyC. The Token distribution is as seen in the chart below.

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