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💣Social Chains💣 - ICO project , new social network.💻

Hello, friends. I would like to talk about an interesting ICO project. It's about Social Chains, a new social network with genuine users. Let's move on to the project and talk about the details.

The new decentralized Social Chains network was created for real users and companies.
The main idea of this social network is the fight against fake accounts. To register with Social Chains, we will have to undergo a complete check on our identity. Phone, photo, addresses of registration. All this will reduce the number of counterfeits. In this social network there is a potential for holding ICO companies, since all users will be real.

I'll give you a simple example of why Social Chains is an interesting project. In 2017, the social network Facebook acknowledged that it has about 270 million fake accounts. Also, Twitter has reported 48 million fake accounts. Imagine how many millions of dollars spent by advertisers in these social networks each year. And Social Chains can be the solution to this problem.

💲Opportunities for business.
Social Chains is a social network that will open new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses. Also will open an excellent opportunity to manetize their personal data. Yes, it is possible to increase the price of advertising, however, the useful effect will increase.

Blocking technology in Social Chains
Blocking technology will keep your personal data safe. And only you will have full access to your personal information. Previously, when creating Facebook, Twitter, VK and it was not available on this personal data was not required.

What else will Social Chains provide?
Of course the platform will be available on all devices, in the browser and also on your smartphones on androyd and ios. The ability to connect a Google account that will synchronize with the mail and Office 365. The social network Social Chains will have a built-in CRM system. That will simplify the conduct of business.

To attract new users, the platform arranges a global distribution of tokens. The total number of tokens is 544,000,000. The first million users of Social Chains will receive 10 tokens each.

My impressions of the project.
The project turned out to be very interesting, it affected both social and business super-sity. Perhaps a social network of a new generation of Social Chains will start the projects where you will have to confirm your identity. However, I have repeatedly faced the possibility of circumventing all possible evidence of identity. Whatever the ideal KYC system was not. And scammers who sell personal data of users will only become richer. And if you manage to bypass this system, then again millions of accounts will flood to earn all possible bonuses.

Developers to attract distribute a large number of tokens. Of course, it's good that someone can get some money for free. All information about ICO you can find under this article. Thank you all for your attention.

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@mary.cry Я поддерживаю эту программу, Проект предлагает отличный продукт! Подписывайтесь. Давайте взаимно делиться мнениями

08.09.2018 12:07