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Fredo- is a social network for monetizing skills

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Hello my dear readers. I would like to discuss with you another very interesting social project based on the blockbuster. Now this project is being carried out by the ICO and if it is interesting for you, you will be able to take part in it. The project is called Freldo.

About the project.
Freldo - a social network of a new level created for the demeaning of their own skills and simplifications of life. The social network Freldo will allow you to earn on personal skills. Let's say you are not a bad plumber or a hairdresser, your happy friends leave a positive response. And their friends can then use your services, knowing that the response of people close to them will leave you. But you as a member of the social network Freldo can solve your problems not slow. Let's say a call to a reliable, trusted nanny for your child. And many other things because everyone is good at what. And you can use these skills at any time.

Interests for business.
Creation of such global social projects as Freldo is possible again to believe in small and medium business. After all, now you will be judged by the real responses of people, and if you are a good master you will always earn a living. For small businesses will open a very large potential, because you no longer have to spend money on advertising.

ICO Details
Pre-ico from 16.07.2018 to 16.08.2018, 50% of the bonus.
ICO 08/17/2018 g. 17.09.2018. Then the bonus will change depending on the number of tokens purchased. Bonuses will be from 20% to 5%.
Price 1 FRECN = 0.0002 ETH
The minimum investment is 0.02 ETH
Soft cover - 4 000 ETH
Hard cover - 80 000 ETH

My impressions of Freldo.
The project is very interesting, of course, it has many competitors in the form of magazines and newspapers. But all this is a thing of the past. One of the good projects that covers the manipulation of one's own skills. Before the young people open great prospects to build their own business on the basis of the social network Freldo. This social network has been working in Canada for many years. That is not a little important for investment.

Subscribe, I will be happy to all of you.
Best Regards Juli. 🌻

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