When The Night Sleeps - He's Awake[batman 🦇 of our time]


I don't think i need to introduce myself but for the sake of those who don't know me but cares to,
my name is Destiny Marshall AKA the damn freaky dope great life i am on now @marshalllife.

I am not a gangster but a thug in the making 😉
I am a Rapper /singer /music producer /creative innovative person, Renaissance person - who even not skilled with a particular profession still have multiple ways to deliver 😃 - You think am still not talented enough? Okay you win - just tag me an untalented individual the talented people look up to 😜

I'm i missing something? Yeah

On blockchain level , i am A Notorious bad ass crypto lover and founder of the project atlas.

project Atlas is a crypto project dedicated to. Promote other crypto projects with its community crowd force.

I am into a lot of projects on the crypto sphere - doing my best little things to get this Gaddam world decentralized already.
This initiatives makes me hardly get active on the real world.

Living my life on chain and also importing my tracks unto the chain.
Being a block chain believer, i Have to Live by example right, i am doing exactly that.
Some of the projects i am on.

  • Enumivo

    Enumivo is a compatible Eos clone,[also the first ever UBI on Chain project] meaning it has all characteristics of the Eos mainnet. Developers can build their dapps also on the enumivo chain and especially since the eos ram/cpu is expensive - that doesn't stop the dreams of your dapps being built - Enumivo resources are cheap, get your dapps built it onto the Enumivo

  • SpesCoin

    SpesCoin was born from the idea of lending a helping hand where help is desperately needed no matter the location. Disasters, natural or man-made, affect a lot of different people from different walks of life - By creating an online crypto-currency which people all over the world can purchase or mine specifically for situations like these

Not to get it all twisted and get long text here, Some of this projects included

  • Eosbounties
  • project atlas
  • bitflux [puase at the moment]
  • ???? Secret 😜
    -??? Secret 😉


And when the night sleeps - where are you?

I am batman of my city and my Time though i am not on the street fighting bad guys but in some weird ways i am helping out bad guys over here (lol)
What i mean by helping out some bad guys are based on some bad rappers and singers that visit our studio, this guys are sick and deadly with their Rhymes and lyrics, don't mess with them.
But 😔
Like an illiterate that barely knows their ABC
To Me i barely sleep, i know this is affecting my health in some ways but i have no choice cause this was the mission i chose and have to uphold and deliver every single day.

There was a particular month when i Didn't sleep for straight 7days [week] - so crazy and accurate that i am supposed to be on the Guinness world book of Record if it was dully noted.

Away from the disadvantages people, let me show you the beautiful world of night crawlers - you Might be asking what is my drive? What keeps me motivated and what keeps me going every day and especially the night made for vamps ?

A lot of stuffs my man, its fun in The studio with some talented cool cats murdering every created beats, and being a manager of the studio (I currently don't have a studio of my own for now, so Not even close to Being rich) but its fun really, still trying to opt harder on my game, develop on a daily and become more Badder ass producer with my production skills and i pray The force be with me.

I Barely have time for my self but what surprises me most, is that i Have not been lacking on every areas i specialized on, expecially the crypto projects i am on that needs a whole lot plannings/time and creative ideas ,I'm always updated /always active on both worlds even with my busy hard daily schedule like what i stated back on my intro.
Like always man,

"I always have that creative ways to deliver"

So Don't blame me if i don't discord you back quick even when you drop a message (i have never leaved a message un-replied before)
It won't start now though. 😜

So When the night sleeps Marshall is Finding ways like pinky and the Brain to Take over the world 😃



About the author

Destiny Marshall marshalllife is a crypto enthusiastic lover | bullish with every good crypto project.A crypto musician finding ways to leverage it through blockchain.
I am part of the atlas team
I am at your service | I am good at organizing crypto contests every week| always participate to earn these coins/tokens.

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