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The story Continues 💪

[I am Glad you waited so Long for this note to come.
You see, before my feet dangles and my body gets cold.
I would love to tell you everything we minnows went through,
All we saw and all that passed
Even before we decided to hit this road.]()

[The story isn't a happy one
And a happy ending isn't promised.
Before we moved to that greenland with our families.
We all were promised reward for our passions.
A place to cure us our depressions.
But when we came in, a lot of questions
Were left unanswered.
This questions left is with much acute depression]()

[The blockchain world is a Beautiful one.
But we never thought things could go so bad.
The promised were unfulfilled
And we thought we made the biggest mistake.]()

[By my left is my best friend laying dead, i brought him too along side his families to earn.
Our intentions weren't that different from others.
We stayed for the communities
Even though the reward was a plus..]()

[He couldn't take it not again,
I told him to Stay but for a while.
He chose to Leave in a sad way
And left his details on the chain.]()
[I was told our government has failed us.
And blockchain was our lucky savior.
How come it has killed a lot of dreams.
And make developers a lot richer,
Expecially the dev scammers.]()

[Is the blockchain tech a hoax
Or to liberate us from our saddest moments.
How can one man have it all and say his doings is to help us all.
Disagrees with everything on his chain.
Cause he's myopic pride thinking wants to Rule us all.]()

[I cried because my best friend was gone -
Feeling worse and burned
He was on fire like a cremation ritual.
His last words were went please "don't Bid" for "bots"]()

[I remembered how he got flagged like some soccer games "n"
His accounts deserted and the ropes hangs around his neck
I stared at him for a while to Make my final decision.
Either to follow suit or confront a man who thought he was a Nerd"🤓]()

[And black out came upon us-on The minnows camp.
The market bloody like a fight scene in Spartacus.
Every where looking dark, quiet and calm,
My glasses fell
In The middle of the night
In search of my rechargeable
So i could continue from the stories i tell]()

Until i write again to tell you what we Dugged out please avoid the use of ropes - there is hope as long as you can cope - but this story doesn't end happily so don't get your hopes high like a tower.

Peace ✌️

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