WeYouMe Testnet is Live - Project-Atlas Twitter Campaign -Join Us And Get Rewarded

What is WeYouMe?

WeYouMe is a distributed social media and business platform. It will operate on a graphene based blockchain, and offer users the ability to earn rewards for posting content. It will host all media files on an immutable decentralized storage system called IPFS, and it will reward nodes for hosting files. It will enable users to create business accounts for use on a peer to peer marketplace, where they can purchase and sell any desired products using cryptocurrency. It will feature a decentralized exchange for the creation and trading of digital assets. It will allow community leaders to create boards to host content posts, which are customizable, and will earn moderators a share of the rewards of the posts on that board.

For more information about the weyoume project faqs and all concerning the project kindly go here 👇 👇

Faqs http://bit.ly/Weyoumefaq

white paper http://bit.ly/AdvanceWhitePaper

testnet alpha https://bit.ly/WYMALPHA

The WeYouMe testnet is live and sign-up to the test is as easy as imagining things - so anyone can sign up easily and start testing the platform in preparation for the mainnet launched. The weyoume platform is a decentralized awesome platform that really prove social media can be a lot better with we you and me.

The campaign awareness

The project Atlas would be unleashing its crowd force on Twitter to create a positive impact and awareness about the platform - especially its testnet launch and this is where you get involved.
Do you have any skills you think might help in making promotion a lot fun or you have a Twitter account that has 500+ followers - then join us in campaigning for the WEYOUME on Twitter And Get Rewarded for the time and efforts used.

Join the project Atlas crowd force community and get your twitter account earn for your for just completing minor daily tasks of twitting.

Project Atlas = Promotion is fun - cause the moon is our play ground


All images used are from the weyoume website here

whaletokens and witnesses supporting the Atlas projects include

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project atlas social media's

If you are a good writer or have any skills you think can help the project grow or ideas you wish to contribute with and looking for a project you wish to Join and dedicate your time and efforts on -the door is always open and we welcome and encourage everyone to Join us, The benefit may not be now but it all definitely come - Together we can build something iconic

we need the full support of the Whaleshares community/developers and witnesses in oder for us to fully grow and have no problems rewarding this whale soldiers - dedicating their time to promote the platform organically on social media's once a week on every month. 😃
The project Atlas loves the Whaleshares platform.

You ask for value
We brought value
Dear witnesses support us 🙏

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