Project-Atlas - We run campaign on twitter for Open source project and Crypto related products



Project-atlas and now in golos where its blog is located,so monitoring the campaign is easier and can make adjustments anytime of what you might not like with the campaign process.

Previous campaign 1

Project Atlas was created and lunched on January 7 2018,with its first steemit campaign that run seven days,
the analysis drew from a twitter analytics app "tweetbinder" on the 5th day with the hashtag # justSteemit got a

  • 685,202 Impressions
  • 102,097 reached
    with just 34 participate who contributed on the campaign in totals but on the discord channel we only got 6 volunteers.

Check full twitter seven days campaign for steemit
at the end of the seven days tweets
a total of

  • 845,789 Impressions was recorded.

Campaign 2

we also run another campaign for a crypto products name # bitflux that took place for just a day and this time we made a huge success

  • 1,290,029 Impressions
  • Tweets/contributor 20.14
  • Potential reach 354,482
  • Followers/contributor 12,660
  • Contributors 28

kindly take a look at this analysis

and a final report on our steemit blog

and this campaign took just a day, 24 hours in total
Another new campaign for steemit and an exchange (airhawk-exchange) is next in line and we know like the others we will definitely do a good job on those campaign and set another mile stone.



The project Atlas growing everyday with its crowd force and campaign projects for products and activities related to open source project and crypto currencies will love to carry out twitter campaign for Your Crypto related product every month for seven days with its community of great minds and great marketing media strength.

we know your Project is a great one no doubts about this and spreading this product out there through media promotions and campaigns is a good idea to increase the value of the project, overall visibility and attracts more users with the same Views of the products you have started .

The campaign is set to be carried out seven days of every month for a massive visibility to twitter users and also to trend the overall products to the social media network and if we are successful enough to run such campaign and trend your project/products on Twitter which already we know we will do a good job on, after conquering twitter for some months we will have to carry out another massive campaign on facebook and also take same campaign to instagram for over all massive media visibility destruction.

our aim - promote the said products with massive visibility destruction to the said media platform"*

How we run campaigns

Once an agreement has been reached with a project,a work announcements is made on the atlas discord community channel, workers of the project are not force to carry out this campaign,
so they accept and volunteer if they would love to participate on the campaign.


once the rules of the campaign is set and given to volunteers, trending starts on each said platform after completing minimum tweets, volunteers/workers Submit prove of their works on each days work prove as seen below.

After the seven days or said dates are over work proves are validated and analyzed.
volunteers that completed their works successfully are listed for workers with prove of payment.
payment for their works is done and verified.
work done- payment recieved- thanks for participating - workers wait for next campaigns or jobs.


Rules of payment

workers/volunteers are paid according to

  • Their enthusiasm with the works campaign
  • Numbers of Facebook/twitter/instagram followers
  • Numbers of users reached (This process is drawn for Twitter analytics apps mostly we use tweetbinder or hastracks.
  • Numbers of tweets workers tweeted. (Minimum tweets for every campaign is 50-but workers with low followers can tweet more than 50 to 300 tweets to get same payment with workers with high followers.)
  • if they are any left over cash on the table after successfully paying volunteers the remaining might be send back to the Atlas C responsible for that campaign (build on trust and transparency) the money is refunded

sponsored campaign give Project-Atlas the campaign

the campaign projects founders are the atlas and Responsible for the whole project success of taking their own projects of the map in a stationary position to all over the media that also include moving its visibility all over the world that begot the name


(out of the map) so ladies and gentlemen

Kindly meet the Atlas

cause they made the project what it should be by offering the project campaigns, and some of the services the project Atlas offers help volunteers.

Payment Method

  • The payment is unknown until work accepted by volunteers.
  • The payment is derived from numbers of volunteered workers and the way the quality of their tweets are (low quality tweets low payment /high quality tweets high payment
  • But approximately It should be - 200USD to 500USD. (a refund is possible if theirs a remain after volunteers have been paid)
  • Campaign minimum days is seven days but a project can request for a thirty days or more if it wants more visibilities, trust our campaign project, or just for massive interaction on a particular social media platform.
  • if they are any left over cash on the table after successfully paying volunteers the remaining might be send back to the Atlas C responsible for that campaign (build on trust and transparency) the money is refunded

Thank you - @project-atlas.

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