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Smoke mainnet

launched few days back with more than 1000 users already registered on the network - what are we really doing as a community to get the word out their to Those in desperate need of this kind of platform?

Smoke.Network is a social network and ecosystem tailored for the cannabis community and powered by the Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) blockchain and SMOKE is the coin that powers it.

Our first minimal viable product (MVP), has launched allowing the public to take ownership of the network.

The network is growing and we all Have a major part to play in order to add and give value to the chain,many of us might not have large stake of smoke on the platform and so we just feel unconcerned even though we fully support the chain and progress,

This shouldn't be so, like i said, we all Have our roles to play and when this platform sour, we all that adopted the platform in its early stage, will benefit and sour high up with it. Doesn't matter how many stake of smoke we acquired during the ico and so on.

Come for the smoke and smoke for the community

Smoke is the first ever blockchain-based cannabis community that rewards users for participating on the platform.

A Campaign to get smoke project out there - #cansmoke hashtag with the Atlas Team

I am the founder of project Atlas and in case you don't know what the project is all about. Project Atlas is a project dedicated to promote other crypto projects on social media with its community crowd force in order to spread the word and create more media presence and online awareness to targeted social media users.

more about the atlas


For the love of smoke, my team and i launched an awareness campaign to spread the word to Twitter users, we know this might not be hundred percent effective but pertaining the laws that governs media marketing No kind of awareness is a bad - definitely this is a good shot too.
And you can always join us on Twitter with the hashtag #cansmoke and we would definitely see your tweets and retweet to give your tweets more visibility and at same time chasing same goals of creating a smoke awareness around Twitter platform by you and me.

You want to check out our activities on Twitter then click πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡ πŸ‘‡

images if you care to😍






Join us on Twitter, cause we are smiling waiting for your tweets - don't forget to use #CanSmoke as the hashtag

You can also get rewarded for your tweets based on What was stated on the post title, simply join our community discord and submit your tweets to get this rewards.

  • Note the reward might not necessarily be a smoke coin but a valuable token would be given out to those who helped to spread the word out and thanks much.

You care to support us?

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If you are a good writer or have any skills you think can help the project grow or ideas you wish to contribute with and looking for a project you wish to Join and dedicate your time and efforts on -the door is always open and we welcome and encourage everyone to Join us, The benefit may not be now but it all definitely come - Together we can build something iconic

we need the full support of the Whaleshares community/developers and witnesses in oder for us to fully grow and have no problems rewarding this whale soldiers - dedicating their time to promote the platform organically on social media's once a week on every month. πŸ˜ƒ
The project Atlas loves the Whaleshares platform.

You ask for value
We brought value
Dear witnesses support us πŸ™

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What we do

  • We promote crypto projects
  • Thunder clapping
  • we supply ideas
  • we give out skills as Freelancing for whaleshares tokens/
  • we create and share updates of our progress and latest developments about the whole project initiatives.
Dear whales on the whaleshares platform -kindly vote for your favorite witnesses on the witness categories.

The witness are responsible for every transactions that goes on this platform and everyone of them trying not to miss a block/
Help create initiatives and also supporting this initiative to see the platform soar to greatness πŸ€—
Click here to vote for witnesse

project atlas social media's

Help us to grow and to do more

  • Reshare or
  • Bitshares wallet = project-atlas
  • BTC wallet 1Ce8ShdRERHapJWBhfjvdVsPBGSg2wzZ4r
  • Eth wallet

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