Ico - Distributed Credit Chain

The issuance of credit loans is a long process that requires special requirements. The optmiied
cryptocurrency network Distributed Credit Chain solves the main problems in the money market.
About platorm a Distributed Credit Chain
DCC it is a distributed chain on loans, the world's first platform for decentralization of global financial
service. The main purpose of DCC is a loan with the blockchain technologies; return ownership
information for persons. DCC - able to convert financial strategies for implementation of investments.
The decentralized platform solves the urgent problems of the modern financial market: a high level of
interest deduction from credit loans, a long process of checking for a Bank loan, improper maintenance of
the customer base. The unique system Distributed Credit Chain solves all these problems.
Advantages a Distributed Credit Chain
Decentralized platfrr Distributed Credit Chain prfvides advantages:

  1. The status of the borrower can get absolutely any user who creates an individual account and activates it. After the participant gets access to the data provider and initialization of the request for borrowing money.
  2. The system is a data service Provider. The built-in optimized filter integrates individual information, purging inaccurate data, and provides standard information.
  3. The supply of Algorithms and Calculations reads the characteristics of the data and on their basis provides evidence of quantitative evaluation.
  4. Feedback on credit history (credit reports are stored in the system, preventing long-term and test borrowings).
  5. Supply of financial services without taking part in lending.
  6. Full responsibility for possible risks: credit infrastructure management, as well as additional income. Full automated control over credit transactions.

All transactions carried out are controlled in the system with the help of accounting data that are used for wages in the optimized credit chain.

The security cryptocurrency

Work on a decentralized platform is paid in special cryptocurrency DCC tokens. You can manage your balance directly under a smart contract, as well as keep fixed cash payments. The functioning of the system is based on the growth of financial services, as well as the demand for financial scenarios and increased liquidity. The higher the last indicator, the more profit the participant will receive.

All payments made are processed according to the terms of the multifunctional contract responsible for the correctness of payments. The smart contract is responsible for registering, changing and cancelling material rewards in a decentralized system. The virtual document automatically selects the most reliable partners from all candidates, thus ensuring transparency, competitiveness of payments.

In order for the user to receive full details from financial institutions, a mandatory payment will be required. This approach simplifies the way of obtaining information, eliminating the need for long-term collection of information on different institutions.

In turn, credit agencies are also required to pay a special fee for the verification procedure in Distributed Credit Chain. Consequently, the costs of issuing a cash loan are significantly reduced. DCC independently forms the price policy, which avoids the negative impact of price changes in the secondary markets. Users are empowered to choose the appropriate financial service and cost.

The distribution of economic benefits in the system is as follows:

  1. Potential candidates for a loan pay a certain amount in tokens.
  2. Half of the received amount is provided by the bank institution for verification.
  3. The rest of the money is distributed as a material reward for a successful transaction.
  4. Once the loan is successfully issued, the amount of interest is returned to the borrower.

The pie chart distributes the total amount of tokens as follows: development-28%, team -20%, private round - 18%, eco-reward - 17%, marketing, cooperative community - 15%, token - 2%.

Otherwise, if within one day, the contract is rejected, the material bonuses are assigned to the credit Agency. The amount of the obligatory payment for the loan is determined individually, at the discretion of the borrower.

Partnership and supporters

Distributed Credit Chain’s partners are Data, Juzix, Deepfin, mlg Blockchain Consulting, Blue Token, Datawallet, Plug and Play, University of Oxford, Said Business School.
DCC’s investors are Whales Capital, Evolution, NirvanaCapital, Transference Fund, LD Capital, Crypto Vision, STARP, FusionCapital, Bixin, Eposh Capital, Genesis and other.

Dev team of service
The DCC’s a team of professional developers:

S. Zhu, founder.

S. Shi, specialist of engineering and electronic science.

Dr. Daniel Lu, specialist of financial engineering.
D. Ha, crypto investor.
D. Imas, director of marketing, public and investor relations.

H. Celine, specialist of community.
K. Hadfield, community manager.
Y. Leem, specialist of digital community and marketing.
The advisors decentralization cryptocurrency systems are Y. Chen, M. Yao, Zh. Cheh, H. Cao, M. Chang.
Individual opinion: « The decentralized network of credit distribution greatly simplifies the process of lending to consumers, significantly reducing the waste of credit. Total supply EST-crypto currency token ERC20 on the 23 July 2018 year a fixed rate of 10 000 000 tokens’".

Website - https://dcc.finance
Telegram - https://t.me/DccOfficial
Blog - https://medium.com/@dcc.finance2018

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