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The European market is in the process of integration: countries are striving to create a single price for electricity. The continental retail market has a different pricing policy for electricity. This aspect is related to various factors. The main reason that affects the formation of prices - high tariffs for taxes. These problems have found their solution: a single blockchain platform was created Eloncity.
About platform a Eloncity
Eloncity it is a platform for energy infrastructure, in which the electricity produced in the micro-network, is decentralized. Using the program allows you to get energy at times cheaper. Artificially produced electricity is available to consumers around the clock. Price characteristics are transparent, available to all participants of the decentralized cryptocurrency system. The services of the system make it possible to supply electric energy almost free of charge.
The aim of the project is to optimize the supply and demand for locally renewable electricity in the mode of 24 to 7. The system studies the necessary data of electricity consumption and on the basis of them creates micro networks to provide electricity.

Advantages a Eloncity

Decentralized platform Eloncity provides advantages:

  1. The operation of the system based on the principle of the blockchain with support for AI algorithms. The built-in mechanism allows the program to find and choose the most reasonable electricity prices on the market.

2.The created electric power is stored in intelligent systems of Electric power Storage. Special utility with the functions of the IOT is to match the supply of renewable electrical energy.

3.Built - in DC power bus-new advanced network easily and quickly cope with peak voltage.

4.The presence of Direct Electricity Devices allows you to control the flow of voltage, as well as improve the competitiveness of the electricity generated.

One of the main features of the system is the Proof of the stored power of renewable electricity. Thanks to the innovative scheme of electricity generation becomes intellectual property on a decentralized platform.
The security cryptocurrency

The cryptocurrency system is equipped with special virtual money token Eloncity Token. ECT is designed to achieve the following goals:
1.The normalization of the local exchange of electric energy.
2.Investment incentives for newly resumed electricity in special system energy conservation BESS.
3.Opening of a new global market for the sale of local electricity services and products.

The decentralized system has its own technological units. The modular design allows simplifying the process of wrapping microscopic independent electrical networks around the world. The optimal configuration for the system is a DC micro-network that is capable of serving consumers at a distance of one mile. You can control the power flows in by using a special DC Bus scheduler. The common resources on the crypto-currency platform are: renewable energy sources, special equipment of BESS, PV arrays, small wind turbines, electric transport, DCbus planners, and other decentralized service assets.

The energy Architecture in the system allows to share resources in order to increase the asset ratio, accelerate the return of capital investments. Decentralized Eloncity works on a secure blockchain-exchange Protocol or a special token Protocol. Virtual documents perform the main functions of the accounting book, with which you can track all the operations of the system: exchange and source of electricity, fuel level and the amount of renewable electricity.
All transactions are carried out on an improved Ethereum platform, which supports high transfer rates of a large data layer. The action takes place according to the terms of the multifunctional contract-smart, which fairly shares the costs and benefits of local electricity.
The artificial intelligence of the independent cryptocurrency of the program allows maintaining the optimal demand for electricity, informing about the current prices of all participants. A distinctive feature of the service is the ability of each customer to set their own prices for electricity, as well as provide additional payment for energy oversupply.
Partnership and supporters

Our Eloncity’s investors are OK Capital Blockchain, Starwin Capital, Fenbushi Capital.
Our supporters are Amphenol, CATL, ArcBlock, CyberMiles, Tokeneed, Mediatek, Multitech, Panasonic, POMCube, PylonTech, SRNE, 3SU, Tafel.
Dev team of service
The professional a energetic platform the blockchain a team of developers:

  1. A. Li, founder.
    2.M. Hguyen, specialist of Program Management.
    3.J. Wang, product manager.
    4.G. Liu, director of marketing.
    5.D.Yao, specialist of hardware engineering.
    6.P. Hu, manager of software engineering.
    7.H. Jiang, system verification Manager.
    8.A. Ding, manager of project.
    The advisors decentralization cryptocurrency systems are B. Allen, C. Whalley, E. Li, H. Ou, H. Choy, M. Yuan, R. Fortunato, R. Mao, K. Xu, J. Zhang.
    Individual opinion: «Eloncity it is a real breakthrough in the field of energy infrastructure, allowing to resume the consumed electricity. Supply total EST-token on the 23 July 2018 year a fixed rate of 1 500 000 tokens’".

Website  https://eloncity.io
Blog - https://medium.com/eloncity

Telegram  https://t.me/eloncity

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