DIGITAL GOLD: A stablecoin backed by 100% physical gold (Invest Now)

Gold is a currency that has been used by many people in the past few centuries. Until now, gold has not been able to be left behind, as a measure of the wealth of a country, its size is the amount of gold deposits stored by that country.

Gold is a currency that has a stable value, gold has never experienced a decline in prices, gold has always increased from year to year. from the enormous potential of gold in the world, we created a gold blockchain ecosystem, namely Digital GOLD.

The purpose of the birth of Digital GOLD is to answer the challenges of the cryptocurrency market which has no price stability and tends to fall when slammed.

Digital Gold
Digital GOLD tokens are a cryptocurrency based on ERC20 as a platform, which will facilitate you in investing, selling and buying gold in the long run. Digital Gold use blockchain to facilitate you in buying, storing and selling gold digitally with complete anonymity, as well as protecting your assets from high volatility and loss of value.

Digital GOLD are digital crypto assets backed by physical gold, which are purchased every time a token is issued and stored in a safe safe in Singapore.

Digital GOLD provides solutions:

  1. safe
  2. comfortable
  3. fast in serving various needs ranging from investments and to secure transactions.
  4. Gold tokens are transparent financial instruments (there is a match between what the company buys and issued tokens.
  5. Stablecoin

Let's join Invest in Gold Digital token, you will get benefits that you don't get from other tokens:

  1. Digital Gold tokens have low volatility stable digital asset because gold tokens are digital tokens whose prices are pegged based on physical gold prices held by the company, so Digital Gold tokens will remain safe when market volatility occurs in cryptocurrency, so being an investor here you are like being in heaven.
  2. investing in Digital GOLD Tokens is a simple way to buy gold bars and stable digital assets. because token gold has the same price as physical gold, then by buying token gold you like having physical gold. in just a few minutes you already have physical gold by only investing in token gold.
  3. Digital Gold Token is a convenient, safe place for you to invest, store and transact digital assets. By using the Ethereum ERC20 smart contract, it will be easier for you to trade every day. Gold tokens do not charge you any fees, you can sell and buy gold tokens on the website (........) and cryptocurrency exchange.
  4. as a stabelcoin, Digital Asset Gold Token will not be affected by high volatility, because token gold is a digital asset that has a stable price that depends on the Gold market price. so the Gold Token is the best alternative related to UERO and USD.
  5. Digital Gold token can be a valuable gift for your family and friends who you love, by giving them your gold tokens as if they had given physical gold to them.
  6. Are you afraid of world market inflation?
    the solution is Digital gold tokens, gold tokens will not be affected by world price inflation, as we know gold is a currency that has never experienced inflation.

what are you waiting for, now is the time you really invest, invest in Gold Tokens just like you buy physical gold, don't be afraid of inflation, volatility or loss of prices, because gold tokens guarantee your comfort in investing, guarantee prices remain stable, guarantee security and convenience.

Token details:
Token Name: GOLD
Token Price:
Spot 0.00425546 BTC 0.22869166 ETH
Purchase 0.00434234 BTC 0.23336049 ETH
Redemption 0.00417038 BTC 0.22361656 ETH



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