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Good day my readers! Today I will touch on the problem of delivery of cargo by sea vessels, as well as talk about a project that seeks to change the state of affairs in this industry, as well as help reduce costs and time for delivery of goods.

According to statistics, in sea trade more than 12 trillion US dollars are concentrated and in 2017 the cost of freight rates (stipulated by the contract or the law freight transportation fee) was more than 380 billion dollars. Such a huge amount of money means that this is a very demanded direction of delivery by cargo, because our planet is divided by the oceans. Many don’t think that the value of the goods brought from abroad is partly composed of the payment for delivery. If you try to save on delivery, you can reduce the cost of goods and reduce the final cost.

At the moment, there is a huge problem with the delivery of goods. Due to delays in payment through banking systems, many ships are idle for several days in docks, and these are huge costs. Also, any documentation for the delivery of cargo at the moment is sent in paper form, by courier, which increases the time of the general dispatch cycle. Now there is a way to solve these problems, and it's called block. More and more people every day learn about this wonderful technology, which allows you to quickly openly and honestly send any information, as well as pay any purchase in a matter of seconds. The CargoCoin project team created their own ideas for solving delays in the shipping industry. Read about it below.

advantages of the project CargoCoin


The project of the CargoCoin team aims to unite the transport business and the global market through the technology of blockchain. Smart contracts and the decentralization of world trade are already real, thanks to the CargoCoin crypto currency platform. At this site, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, owners of merchant ships, supply agents and shipping lines will be able to work comfortably and unite, as their communication will be maximally simplified and optimized.

The development team has tasks that they are trying to accomplish. Their list includes confidentiality and protection of information between the parties to the transaction, reducing the cost of banking services with high interest rates, as well as the exclusion of intermediaries in the form of agents, brokers, couriers and insurers. Payments should be guaranteed, because duplication of documents and fraudulent operations are excluded. The work of the online service will simplify the exchange of documents, transport services, trade relations and will provide the opportunity for instant payment in various ways. The emergence of a unique ecosystem with the integration of all participants and the opportunities of the site, as well as the creation of a commonwealth between freight traders and goods.

The architecture of the project is very multifunctional, it all depends on the level of your request, you can use it as a simple place to order a product, or as a complex program with various payment options built on smart contracts. All this is ensured by the highest level of security, openness, tracking of goods and competent reporting. The project is designed in such a way that everyone involved in the transaction could use any part of the platform or a combination of sections.

The scope of the project is truly great, it affects all trade and transport areas. For the first time, the shipping industry, air cargo, domestic transportation, as well as the new generation of transportation can be united: space cargo and pipeline transport. All these branches of cargo deliveries will be combined and interconnected, which will make the platform's functionality unlimited. The uniqueness of the CargoCoin project is the safety of sending and receiving goods thanks to smart contracts, and platform tokens will be a payment unit for all services on the site, including freight transportation.



This project has passed a successful pre-sale phase, which lasted from 01.04.2018 to 15.04.2018, at the moment the ICO passes, which will end on June 30. Soft cap project is announced in the amount of 5 million US dollars, and hard cap 55 million. On pre-sale, the price of the token was 50 cents, now you can buy 1 CRGO token per dollar. Take a look at the distribution of funds received in the course of sales:





Let's summarize. Due to the introduction of a free service, as well as the multifunctionality of the CargoCoin platform, the demand of users will increase, and many market participants will be attracted with a multi-billion dollar capitalization. Own CRGO tokens perform important work in site development, because ICO participants of this project will receive an increased cost of tokens with time. With such functionality, many problems in the world of delivery of goods will be solved, which will reduce the time and cost of delivery of goods. Thank you for your attention, I advise you to go to the official site and get acquainted with the white paper of the project, until new meetings!

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Это очень интересный проект , тем более с такой командой есть все шансы выйти в топ

19.06.2018 18:47

Well rounded team and i personally like the idea.

19.06.2018 19:05

Что-то в последнее время много проектов на карго тему... Впрочем - рынок пуст. Команде успехов!

20.06.2018 11:01

big HardCap. How are the fees going?

20.06.2018 18:03