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Photographers and designers living a troubled freelance lifestyle, it is not so easy to acquire a pool of regular customers and ensure a permanent decent income. When in the media market the ball was ruled by print media, it was much easier to make money, but with the victory of the Internet over the “print” had to be rebuilt under new rules.

In many areas there are many problems, but often we find the media that see big companies make a lot of money, while content producers lose. Wemark intends to change it first in the photos where you will find out that the media not only discover that photographers are badly paid. But also the property and where the photographs used are not controlled by the photographer. This eliminates the need for third parties due to the transparency of the use of transaction chains. Instead of allowing buyers and sellers to focus on digital media. This also reduces costs and costs for all related parties, as tokens can be used directly, eliminating problems related to transaction costs, currency conversions and other issues. But in the end, instead of the images of Getty and others in this world, it occupies up to 85% of the revenue created by the image. The photographers themselves will earn money, which will help to support and develop large industries that are in great demand by both customers and creators. But eliminating the greed of the cake allows creators to invest more money in their equipment, in their position and, as a rule, get a better return on their investments.

Key Features

Remove opinions on the content

Artistic trends change from one year to the next. What had once been rejected due to the misconception of a year ago could be the best seller in the search for bestsellers. A year is nice to have a tilted composition, next year: focus, then too much light and light. In fact, who can determine what is right for the buyer. The cost of visualizing images is expensive and time-consuming, teams will be much more productive, will work on search algorithms to improve the quality of trendy content and an undesirable downtrend. To reduce excessive spam images, the team can perform a folio review of the original photographer application to determine quality and set the maximum download level based on review. Mostphotos.com has the best IMO download system in the industry (FTP, metadata extraction) and to scale the image of its customers provides buyers with the correct information on products and points of interest.


The current ICO quota project is struggling to find investors. In my opinion, this is due to current market conditions and lack of incentives for investors. Most of the current share offers are directly linked to the purchase of public services for the project. Most investors are not photography consumers, so having $ 10 associated with buying photos obviously does not seem that appealing. To encourage investors, there is still a long way to go (of course, everyone needs legal advice to cross the minefield of security). A strategy can be an optional percentage contribution assigned for each sale of an image assigned to a grouping that can be used in a 50/50 investment / ad action. From an investor’s point of view, this will give a sign more of a speculative value, as investors will increase the value in the form of sustainability of future sales.

Portal of separate contents

We see the need to separate the licensing model that influences the niche in photographic advertisements. I see that niche content works better in separation than in mixing. Having a $ 5 image with a $ 500 sample will confuse and frustrate buyers in both niche markets. This is because I believe that individual portals for premium and microphone are mandatory. The team can also explore the possibility of creating a subscription portal (optional). Although I really hate this price model, it can be a necessary evil to break the current dominant position in the market.

Wemark Token (WMK)

Wekmark will depend on the Ethereum network with ticker (WMK). The total amount of the offer will be $ 135 million with chip sales, as of May 7, 2018. The minimum allocation of $ 1.5 million (USD) with very reasonable capital is capped at up to $ 8 million.

Now Its ICO Time

The WMK token is a financial payment for its own use in the Wemark ecosystem, as users pay for the content they find on the platform, and that’s how artists earn their earnings and benefits. It is also a tool offered by companies to finance the development of its activities, proposing public sales. The marker was developed using the ERC-20 protocol offered by Ethereum Blockchain. 135 million units will be in the hands of the company in the chip production, to be held from May 7 to May 21, 2018. The company must reach a maximum of $ 8 million to be considered successful, but can handle soft cover of $ 1.5 million to continue working.


The WMK token was designed to give creators the opportunity to grow as entrepreneurs. With an increase in income levels, it is possible that these professionals are not involved in creating untargeted content. Independent photographers can find the time to develop their own style and cover the costs of more detailed footage. Tokens also serve as a tool that allows you to have some content approved with customers, allowing you to share properties and revenue based on their success rate and impact. As a result, new ways of using tokens as an integrated multimedia module in the ecosystem will be developed. The advantages for musicians, composers and speakers are endless.

The Conclusion

Wemark is a growing community of important the independent photographers who give their photos directly to customers without any agency commitment. We are a group of content creators, marketing professionals, designers and engineers, with a passion for changing the way content creators distribute their content and how they are paid for it. Our platform uses blockchain technology to provide real point-to-point transactions between the creators and users, offering security, authenticity and, above all, transparency. Wemark is supported by a leading global investor and its advisory board includes some of the most important names in the field of photography, blockchain technology and the online market.

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