Some people define that an online business is a business activity both services and products offered through the internet media from negotiation to transaction activity, such as selling software, ebooks and the like without having to face to face with customers.
itself is more likely to agree if Online Business is defined as "Business activity that is part or all of its activities carried out through the internet medium" regardless of the type of business from starting to sell the crop to the car. In other words, even though we are only marketing from the company and doing marketing activities through internet media, it can be called an online business, especially in restaurant business.

Even remarkable is, if we have the ability to market our restaurants on the internet, the opportunities are wide open to help market the products of others both individuals and companies with profitable income.

Online business consists of 2 words Business and Online. Business is a business or activity undertaken by groups and individuals, to benefit by producing products and services to meet consumer needs. While the word Online by is an activity connected through a computer network that can be accessed through other computer networks.
So it can be concluded that Online Business is an activity or activities conducted in the internet media to make money. Just like business activity in real life, online business that runs through the internet also has the same goal of generating profits.

But all that now can connect with a platform that can help it all these platforms are also called with FEEDCHAIN platforms that are already connected in the world of blockchain

What is FEEDCHAIN ....?
Feedchain is building a new economy where millions of people around the world like you can make money from home, cooking, and selling food using their home as a restaurant business. In this new economy, the restaurant marketing system along with other food related services is decentralized and makes it easy for everyone to participate. Quoting from Yahoo and Nasdaq finances, "The start-up goal in the Cayman Islands goes far beyond pure finance into the world of humanity.

Our Business Model

Free token to consumers for their first transaction and its frequency
Free tokens to sign up & referral bonuses
Free token for homeowners using FEEDCHAIN platform
We take care of our customers by becoming a brand
We advertise and market Feedchain platform
We allow other monetization searches in the main features of the Feedchain Platform
Individuals use their private homes for sale. No longer. Opening and operating costs from higher restaurants
Rates are cheaper for consumers.
Better service for service, faster, buyers more satisfied with the price
Cultural skills around the world.
That means different containers with different varieties
Transparency because the database is decentralized
The transparency issue is complete - once & for everything
No data manipulation due to blockchain & open ledger.
User data is protected - you may feel you are in a safe environment

Our Mission & Vision For BLOCKCHAIN
Feedchain has identified some major problems with the modern food industry that creates problems for millions of consumers such as the high cost of opening restaurants so it goes on, the hassle of getting the right to sell and the privilege of farmers or supermarkets to sell products, favoritism, and more.
These previously unanswered problems created a huge hole in the market and have caused stagnation in many traditional food industries for decades. The Feedchain platform will be a direct means for homeowners around the world to traverse these barriers and start utilizing the financial capabilities of their homes used to serve the food business. Feedchain is a new blockchain economy and in no time will be a household name.

How it works
Feedchain relies on a pile of advanced technologies including cell phones, high-speed data, GPS, and APP combined with Ethereum blockchain to create a decentralized and rewarding economy in the food industry. In this token economy, people can use their homes as a restaurant business and farmers, fishermen or gardeners can use their homes as a market to sell their products. Millions of people now have the means to work from home and make money.


FEEDCHAIN ​​is a decentralized virtual currency based on the ERC20-token - one of Ethereum that develops Technology Trends. In this virtual home-food revolution, coin holders will benefit instantly and easily

their coins run out.

The FEEDCHAIN ​​system provides a better service for digital that is more efficient and less expensive for consumers. Investors in FEEDCHAIN ​​will benefit from instant liquidity in a trading environment of 0%.

Please check the FEEDCHAIN ​​website ( for the latest information.

Efficient and fundamental fund utilization applies to minimum and maximum

a raise will be available. Furthermore, ICO and post-ICO development Organized by best practices in good governance for projects, teams, and technologies. We also offer premium rewards for initial users.

Visit for more information.


FEEDCHAIN ​​launched Pre-ICO on July 31, 2018 which expires on August 20, 2018. The soft cover for pre-ICO is set to 1.680 ETH.

The price for all sales periods will remain the same - 0.05 USD per 1 FEED (or 0,000084 ETH per 1 FEED with USD exchange rate <> ETH pegged to 593,71 USD per 1 ETH). At that stage, investors will get a bonus in accordance with the amount available. The bonus structure you find in the "Token Metrics" paragraph

FEEDCHAIN ​​Crowdsale

It will start from September 1, 2018 to September 30, 2018. In this phase, we will provide users / investors with the sale of the main Goal Coins that will be followed by FEED exchanges directly from them.

People who want to support and invest in FEEDCHAIN ​​will engage in crowdsale by sending donations to the project address. During the crowdsale, we hope to reach our hardcap - 46,200 ETH (this number covers all phases - private sales, presale and crowdsale).

At the end of the crowdsale, each participant will reply FEED according to the amount of ineti they donate. Give the token holder from their loud FEED feed to stay excited for this project.

The more FEEDs raised during crowdsale, the more tokens of value. Upon the end of the crowdsale, tokens will be rolled out in various

exchange where nЕ will be determined by bid and Request.


In the table below, you can find all the info about Sales Token FEEDCHAIN. Key periods for personal sales and presale contributors. All private sales investors will get 100% bonus. Take part in presale gives you to get bonuses from 5% to 20%. Remember, the more you contribute - the more bonuses you'll get. Contribution of more than 841 ETHakai You get 20% bonus. Also, as you can see, there is no minimum information for the crowdsale contributor, an open status for everyone.


Total token supply is 1,000,000,000 FEED. 100,000,000 FEED will be allocated during personal sales (including bonuses). The presale contestants will also earn 100,000,000 FEED. 350,000,000 FEED will be distributed during crowdsale. 10% of the total token will be held by the team, placed will save another 5%, which is not 100,000,000 FEED and 50,000,000 FEED. Bounty program participants will have the opportunity to retain 5% of the total supply (50,000,000 FEED). The other 25% (250,000,000 FEED) will be booked.




WalletETH: 0x07653461411F7FAB676bc75ec2f40fB350bA0e5D

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