According to the technical document “Moonlight”, the team will focus only on cryptographic production currency, which they consider stable enough to remain profitable. Although initially they will focus on litecoin and bitcoin, they plan to expand their operations with the inclusion of bitcoins and DASH. The team has developed a mining strategy, divided into three stages, which will be used by the mining companies of manufacturers such as Bitmain and Bit Fury. By focusing on the stable and popular cryptersources, which demonstrate the popularity of the market, the Moonlite team is confident that they will be able to bridge the growing market gap and attract audiences interested in cryptography enthusiasts. Presenting a simple proposal, the South African team behind MoonLite hopes to implement a crypto-individual operation for Bitkovski, Dash, Bitkoynov money and Litecoin crypto conversion.

The project team does not offer a discount on the possibility of extending this list in the future, particularly in the comparison with other currencies received from Bitcoin. One of them strongly emphasizes transparency in the content of the white paper. First, the team works with an independent reviewer to monitor the progress of the project, particularly how it makes its milestones (see the “Roadmap” section). Secondly, the management of the benefits received as a result of the transaction will be the determined by regular voting of the token owners, in particular as regards the distribution of benefits between the maintenance costs and the contributions to the fund. Encrypted investment of the project. Finally, the team applies a 180-day transition period for the distribution of tokens, adding another level of confidence to the project. A well-written, well-presented and logically structured technical document combines our more general impression that here we have a team that focuses on due diligence and transparency, while at the same time leading to the professionalism of the investment class.

Now Its ICO Time

The Moonlite ICO project will begin its own sale of Moonlite Token (MNL). ICO will generate a total of 100 million MNL and there will be 87 million of this total available to investors when selling tokens. However, all remaining chips that were available for purchase during the ICO will be destroyed. This will further limit MNL’s offer. The team also offered an attractive purchase program, in which the chips traded “burn” every six months to maintain a steady increase in the market value of ICO. The cost of an MNL token per equipment price is 1 ETH at 500 MNL, which currently places the MNL price at 2.10 per token. The pre-sale MNL is already active and is in the second stage, having raised just over $ 3.5 million in the first stage. Investors are offered various incentives to invest as soon as possible. For example, in the second step, investors can get up to 100% of bonuses. The minimum investment accepted starts at 0.1 ETH, which is a great incentive for a casual investor. However, big investors are not forgotten, since big expenses have the possibility to earn up to 300% bonus with symbols. Interested investors can also contribute by using their bank cards. Once you have invested, the ERC-20 bookmarks will be sent in the purse of your choice. The ICO tender will be formally concluded on March 15, 2018.

The Future of the Project

Moonlite was designed in February 2017, and since then the team has progressed by leaps and bounds. According to the official Moonlite road map, the team will open its mining operations on August 1, 2018. What distinguishes the Moonlite team is her great ambition. The team’s technical document clearly indicates that they intend to become the world leader in industrial mining, which becomes less difficult if we consider the speed at which the team worked to launch this large-scale enterprise since its original design. Significant upcoming milestones for the team include the closure of the entire ICO campaign, which will end on March 15, 2018, and the launch of its operational center, which will take place on April 2, 2018. For a more detailed view of the future of Moonlite, check your road map on your website. What makes this project so exciting goes far beyond its ecological approach. The Moonlite project has a sense of social awareness and transparency that pervades all aspects of your business and your ICO. This is an ideal investment opportunity for cryptography enthusiasts who are also environmental warriors. Moonlite promises to be a unique undertaking, when honesty and transparency play a key role in your business and, of course, will benefit all investors.

Market Capitalization for the currencies we will be mining:

Bitcoin: $252,419,830,420

Bitcoin Cash: $41,558,084,293

Ethereum: $93,405,070,461


Litecoin: $12,743,719,310

These figures are hourly growing and present the perfect opportunity to partake in this growing market by providing the processing power to the network in return for financial rewards.

Cash flow projection and capital distribution graph includes all manner of detailed breakdown of operational costs; energy costs however is bar the greatest cost used in running the miners, systems and cooling. A combination of these with rental of warehouses and staffs makes up approximately 94.3% of total expense on the budget.

Our data Centre details

Our data Centres will be located strategically using the following criteria:

• Closeness to sub stations

• Large open ware house

• Preference to clean and renewable energy

• Staffed with English speaking team members

• Within a secure perimeter

• A very secure and separate office space

Some security measures to be employed are:

• Strict visitor tag and control system

• Security guards and patrols

• A very secure perimeter wall with appropriate fencing

• CCTV cameras installed within and outside the premises

• Dedicated firewall servers for the mining floor

• No external access via hard wire or wireless connections to our mining network

All these different standards have given the Moonlite platform stability and an edge over other mining investments.

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