DECOIN — Platform Exchange and Trading Platform That Redistributes Profits

DECOIN is a distributed coin & exchange trading platform that redistributes profits to coin holders. DECOIN is a block chain based "profit sharing exchange" coin. DECOIN is building a well-known, quick, easy, simple and simple Exchange Multicurrency and Trading Platform that shares the advantages of exchanging with all coin holders. In addition, with leading security, users promise easy, relaxed and reliable transactions and guarantee complete transactions. DECOIN is a completely secure technology system for encrypted users and users can fully exploit the possibilities of coins by matching the dispersibility of the block chain itself. DECOIN aims to build world-renowned worldwide customer service and to promote the introduction of encryption and block chain technology.
Our own trading trade
DE People 's "DE COIN" will provide partners and users with a fast, safe and inexpensive trading experience and a platform that makes trade fun and peaceful. Add a support team that is close to it, mix it with social trade, share some revenue share, and win the victory combo.
DECOIN aims to build a quick and simple multi-currency trading platform that can be easily used. In addition, DECOIN, which provides the highest level of security, is committed to providing users with a quiet, relaxed and reliable experience to accomplish transactions. Calm down, we also cross these boundaries.
If you admire social trading, you can follow our major merchant trading activities. Our platform is completely safe and transparent.
Why decoin?

We are developing a highly scalable, safe and commercial block chain architecture
Revenue transactions and profit sharing.
Whether the market is going up or down - the owner of the decoy gets from the transaction cost and the daily transaction volume is accumulated in the exchange. DECOIN shares all revenue and profits with the coin owner. Trading income includes spreads, commissions, aggregations, risk positions, margins
Full support
Access special information through online customer service with detailed and appropriate information to start you with cryptographic space
Investment with unprecedented returns
The DECOIN POS algorithm places coins in decoin's online wallet and guarantees an average annual return of 6.2% to all coin holders rewarding loyalty to coin refunds.
Funding and Payment
The first exchange platform that allows direct access to our privileges using your personal D-TEP credit card. You can save time.
Vision and mission
Our vision and mission is to become a major trading and trading platform for global encryption.
You will be our partner in profit. DECOIN intends to share the merit of exchanging with the pool of liquidity and donors and represents "a national coin". Our mission is to provide an advanced Exchange platform for encrypted users and fully draw out the possibilities of coins according to the distributed nature of the block chain itself.
How to work
Safety - D-TEP compliant with the financial industry standard protects all confidential data stored on the platform. Multitier real-time authentication includes our trading platform to provide maximum security to user base while protecting transactions and withdrawals from exchanges
Scalable - Because you can run up to 1 million matches per second, D-TEP is one of the fastest measurable exchanges on the market today and can handle large volumes of expected transactions.
Fast-D-TEP uses innovative technology that allows you to execute trading orders in a short period of time without causing delays characterizing many of the current exchanges.
Social Trafficking - D - TEP 's leading traders are interested in receiving DECOINS so that their activities are tracked and displayed anonymously, and that other merchants learn from their knowledge and experience We will make it possible.
Trade tool - D - TEP will provide financial tools such as CFD and will also allow traders to use price increases and lower the price of underlying financial products. DECOINS analyst team will provide periodic reports on new ICOs and digital market trends / coins being noticed.
Detail of decoin ken sale
Name: DTEP
Platform: Algo
Type: Coin
Price at ICO: 1 DTEP = 0.9 USD
Bonus Sale: 50%
Sales tokens: 42 million
Reception: ETH, BTC, Flat
Allocated to ICO: 60%
Soft seal: 4,000,000 USD
Hard cap: 30 million USD

Q4 - 2017
Development of DECOIN using 6.2% PA interest rate POS consensus algorithm; We will set up 10 global offices to fulfill the role of multilingual support and marketing to promote and support DECOIN holders and new DECOIN users.
Q1 - 2018
Personal sales; Initial coin offering (ICO) will begin marketing and promotion of early avian influenza.
Q2 - 2018
Exchange platform beta test (D-TEP). Pre-ICO and ICO phases; DECOIN has been added to multiple exchanges. Start Wallet Launch + DECOINS distribution.
Q 3 - 2018
Launch the Exchange platform (D-TEP). Launch of trading platform (D-TEP).
Q4 - 2018

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