Bountie ICO review.

Bountie is a stage for players in Asia to take home bacon while they play their most beloved entertainments. They need to create a game Ecosystem that revolves around players, merchants and Bountie. Merchants are parties such as computer hardware organizations, for example, Razer, MSi, Dell Alienware and, in addition, entertainment designers such as Bluehole Studio Inc.

These merchants offer their items through Bountie to the players. Bountie also makes raffles and competitions that allow players to win objects. Bountie will also work intimately with merchants to gather criticism about the articles, make internal content around them and help them launch our approach to the players’ meeting. In this way, an Ecosystem is created where everyone needs everyone and a solid impact on the system that is reinforced as we scale.

Advantage using Bountie

This is a stage that allows players to profile, store details, coordinate influence activities, discover potential colleagues and, above all, have a good time with “genuine” bets included.

Win and live: possibility of receiving payments while playing and achieving something you value.

Competition, challenges and tournaments: a regular classification for players to compete and know their ranking among the best players on the planet. It also gives the players another motivation to have fun, achieving a useful life in fun.

Blockchain Innovation: Computerized cash tokenization would mean a “disposable” framework, making security particularly included when certifiable dollars are included.

Bountie uses calculations to match players with comparable skill ranges.This has a level of intensity to ensure reasonable and even matches.

Bountie’s encounter is kept new through the presentation of competition style classifications. These classification tables are revived as a clockwork mechanism. The players who best qualify in these tables will get an extra benefit over the rewards of the matches.

Players can earn Bountie coins by completing missions day by day. How to play x amount of recreations. Obtain x number of executions. Offer won through web-based network media, etc.

A component of pleasure for the moment is heated in Bountie. Players pay a small fee to participate in focused matches and earn instant income when they win these games. Due to specialized avoidance and extortion, Bountie will display “Pending Winnings” within the winner’s wallet;however, the Bountie Coins may move in seven days when the match has been verified that the jurors have won it reasonably and fairly (Bountie manager or a group of related players)

Bountie empowers players to join with teammates and play together their most beloved entertainment. The players can also play alone. In group-based matches, individual players will meet other players positioned also through the Bountie pairing framework. The game is a favorite pastime for most of us. For many people, the passion for this game has evolved to the stage when they want to make their profession game. The main source of inspiration for them of course is the professional gamers who win great prizes in the International Tournament. When competitive games become professional sports, many start to see the game as something a bit more serious than spending a lot of time. In fact, the game ecosystem is abundant with opportunities for game enthusiasts to cash their spirits. While not everyone can be a world-class game champion, there are many other ways to make money in the game.

A gamer with high skills and personal charisma can create live streams, which can then be monetized through ads, donations, and subscriptions. There is a demand for guides, articles and manuals for popular games so that players with sufficient writing skills and deep knowledge and knowledge can benefit from it. Other places to monetize the gaming experience are video podcasts and journalism. In other words, if you think that gaming is the most important thing in your life, it's possible to pursue it more seriously and end up earning a living as a professional gamer, broadcaster or writer specializing in games.

Talking about game tournaments, there are some issues related to those that mostly affect the pro gamers early in their careers. The first problem is that the existing regulatory system regarding the distribution of prize money only benefits the winners and leaves other participants without any results. In fact, only the top 3% of all professional gamers participate in championships and competitions that benefit financially from such activities. Another problem is that at this time the number of game competitions is quite limited and clearly does not cover the demand, while limiting the chances of many gamers with pro level skills to get into eSport. At the same time, the top eSport teams are having trouble finding the rising star.

Bountie is a blockchain-based platform aimed at gamers in Asia, who have ambitions to create an ecosystem where the maximum number of talented players and people love the game can monetize their skills. The main focus of this platform is on organizing eSport tournaments and competitions, offering a fairer rewards system. The opportunity to earn money by participating in the event will attract high potential players, which in turn will encourage general interest in eSport activities leading to increased traffic and potential for monetization. In addition to the eSport event, the Bountie platform will develop other intrinsic elements for game ecosystems, including content creation, live streaming, and an established gamer community.

This will provide monetary incentives to other platform users, engaging in generating quality content, broadcasting and other gaming-related activities. The system will monitor all game events, record the ratings and skills of the gamers, which will be the basis of matchmaking - allowing players to find partners with the same level of skills, and at the same time providing high-level eSport Team is a tool that allows them to recruit talented gamers .

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