Project Colletrix (the “Project”) introduces one of the international’s first nonfungible tokens (the “NFT”) this is aimed to be related to the intellectual belongings (“IP”) of designs of bodily merchandises. The Project will combine IP, blockchain and merchandises to revolutionize the market of merchandises through using the NFT, a token beneath the ERC-721 protocol, and the ERC-20 tokens called the Colletrix Tokens (“CIPX”), resulting within the introduction of a wholly specific atmosphere that advantages more supporters.

Colletrix is sponsored through a talented group from UNDONE, Animoca Brands, Future Arena and Bitwork Accelerator. The Project aims to revolutionize the ownership of IP through introducing protection and perpetual fee for IP proprietors via tokenization, at the same time as supplying merchandisers and purchasers with consider inside the authenticity of their bought merchandise. UNDONE will deliver its vending information to showcase the advantages of blockchain technology for products products, Animoca Brands will introduce its vast community of IP owners and blockchain and gamification technology, at the same time as Future Arena will leverage its
strong portfolio of of sports activities and leisure IPs – all to create a colourful ecosystem of IP introduction, buying and selling and bodily merchandising using blockchain generation.

In 2018, UNDONE joined the Bitwork Accelerator Program that objectives to help initiatives with adopting blockchain generation into their commercial enterprise, and now Colletrix will paintings with Bitwork Accelerator to release the Project and provide new marketplace cost for all Ecosystem stakeholders.

The Colletrix Ecosystem:
a business model like you’ve in no way seen before

The Platform is a newly common enterprise model together with at the same time beneficial relationships among 4 events: the IP proprietors, the merchandisers, the creditors, the crypto-fanatics, and you'll be any of those events.


Through the Platform, we're striving for the introduction of a new market fee with the mixing of tokenization of IP. With the advent of the NFT, we will merge together the vintage economic system and the brand new financial system. Hence, we will prolong the possibilities for all IP proprietors and creators around the globe to create an extended license term for his or her IP6
; and to merchandisers, we will offer them a new marketplace price on their physical commodities through blockchain utility, maximizing the attraction and advantages of their merchandise. The inclusion of NFTs will dynamize creditors’ interest even as providing them with easy get entry to to the crypto-marketplace, and lead to new commercial enterprise possibilities which include the advent of franchises.

We envision a global in which the brand new economic system and the antique economy might be completely incorporated to create a brand new monetary version that maximizes the gain for all participants. Starting with the IP and creative industry, we envision an commercial revolution where the IP proprietors may be capable of hold the licensing rewards that they rightfully deserve with the implementation of blockchain era.

Token Pairing
At the initial phase, CIPX may be located as the number one cryptocurrency for the buying and selling of the NFTs on the NFT Marketplace. Holders could be capable of purchase NFT with discounts if the use of CIPX. Pairing with different crypto property might be gradually enabled upon the second segment.

CIPX Tokenomics
Colletrix may be issuing its very own environment token, the Colletrix Token (“CIPX”). CIPX is a cryptocurrency supported by the Ethereum community with the ERC-20 wellknown. Hence, all CIPX-relevant information can be viewed through the use of Ethereum explorers. As a buying and selling cryptocurrency, CIPX can be utilized in more than one situations, but it'll be mainly and to begin with applied to buy the NFTs issued through the NFT Marketplace.

Colletrix Token Adoption
The CIPX could be adopted in multiple conditions, inclusive of:

Platform bills
CIPX may be used to settle all other payments at the Platform and the Ecosystem, including trading or other related fees. Each fee settled with CIPX will get hold of a certain amount of discount as an encouragement to make use of CIPX. Colletrix intends to make bigger the Ecosystem within the destiny so as to substantially boom the numerous utilities of CIPX.

CIPX closed loop surroundings (numbers denote distinctive levels of business version)

IEO Valuation
The preliminary alternate offering for CIPX will be performed on distinct change
systems round the sector.

Token Sales

Funds Management from Token Sales

  • 40% of the price range may be reserved for System upgrades, R&D, crew expansion.
  • 30% of the finances can be used for advertising and marketing and ecosystem
  • improvement. We will expand powerful schooling to domesticate greater talent and entice greater users to the Platform.
  • 20% of the budget might be used for device enhancement and development, consisting of machine upgrade, team recruitment, employees education, and many others.
  • 8% of the price range could be preserve in reserve to cope with legal and accorunting purpose.
  • 2% of the price range could be reserved to deal with any emergency or feasible sudden state of affairs.


May 2019

  1. Team hiring

June 2019
1 Beta platform and products launch (UNDONE watch tied
to NFT, IP tokenization)
2 Initial exchange supplying

Q3 2019

  1. 1st IP x Merchandise NFT Marketplace improvement
  2. More UNDONE products plus NFT collectibles

Q4 2019 - Q1

  1. Gamification elements to incentivize NFT series
  2. Opening platform to pure IP creation (decoupling products from IP creation, leading to extra IPs created and tokenized)

Q2 2020

  1. Apply IP vending to other merchandise — users should spend CIPX to create merchandise with their NFTs

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