Blockchain technology has gotten to the level in which the whole world cannot do without it. We have discovered that this technology is making the news headline everyday which symbolizes global and rapid adoption of this technology. But despite the greatness and potential of this technology, there are still some things that needed to be improved upon its use. We have several and different blockchain network such as bitcoin blockchain, ethereum blockchain, eos blockchain, tron blockchain and some other more. The level of difficulties associated with each of this blockchain network varies based on the type of blockchain.
We have some blockchain that are more cumbersome and difficult to use than some others, we also have some that easy to use but they are lacking some other qualities. Let’s take for example the speed of transaction which is solely dependent on the nature of blockchain transaction. Some transactions do take several hours before it could be confirmed on the blockchain network, some blockchain also charges high transaction and mining fees. This is the reason why a new team has gathered around to rectify this problem by launching a new blockchain project known as


Taucoin is a modern venture added through a crew over ride human beings between the blockchain technology. The people behind that venture comprehend precisely whether the blockchain factory yet that's sincerely an competencies atop vile project.
The idea over that challenge is to create a podium that caters a fast, equal, secure law that wish no longer favour inflation. Sound's impossible right? But intention inform you it is POSSIBLE. Typically the thinking is like bitcoin then ethereum but quite different of half mean part. If you know bitcoin yet ethereum, such is ancient because peer to mate transaction, yet dig aspect. They back the consensus algorithm regarding PoW (Proof Of Work).
the transaction things to do are procedure through miners which contest in opposition to in accordance with gopher block yet the traffic process among theirs network. But, even is a opposition along that since, among kilter in imitation of break up obstacle you pleasure lie needing a supply of rule (electricity) then hardware after attain it. The law right here is the higher the hardware the jeopardies thou mine bigger. But as is an highly-priced method to acquired theirs coin known as btc or eth(Two main cash regarding blockchain). As I do advise that till now, only massive mining swimming pools execute advantage beside it due to global economic scale.

TAUcoin is designed in conformity with stand tidy then a formality forex in imitation of idolize namely peer-to-peer digital payment, cellular and surely decentralized which can stay sent, without the necessity regarding a 0.33 part, beside some person in accordance with another.
TAUcoin is designed in conformity with payoff miners traffic rate only yet aid unaccompanied function, so much is permission-less decentralized associate in conformity with peer payment
TAUcoin Supply
TAUcoins are restricted in imitation of 10 billion between quantity or every were generated over the procreation obstruction at some point of testnet through 1st on August 2018. Mainnet will stay launched about Q1 2019 of which its begetting obstruction pleasure include the ultimate balances regarding testnet. Out about the total supply, 18% pleasure keep reserved via foundation crew while 82% is embark according to remain dispensed after whole global residents through referral law as is unlimited, consistency argue alms as is some yr eyelet (at the epoch of writing, we are concerning nineteenth week), Start-up alms then developer alms (any sordid capability of allocation execute be implemented with the aid of foundation group whenever necessary).


Consensus Debate bounty: the place you current you ideas, opinions then views either by way of raised then criticising regarding the unique subject, 4 — 5 contestants are elected hebdomadal then subjected of voting regulation in accordance with arrive beneficial ternary winners (One yr window, began Sept. 2018). 200,000,000 millions TAU reserved because of the bounty.

Developer Bounty: the place challenge managers, programmers then designers are required in conformity with construct TAU through originate supply Github yet acquire TAUcoins. 10% regarding quantity supply is allocated because of that bounty.

Start-up Bounty: where thou be able construct on you initiatives based totally regarding TAU ecosystem and arrive rewarded partial TAUcoins, 10% over volume furnish is allotted because this charity so well.

Coinrains: where you activeness about buffet and from particular TAU regional groups, may lie rewarded every day, after every two days then so, its conducted about TAU’s Discord server.

Medium Article Writing: where you composition advantage then expertise execute remain rewarded based totally about the content material on thine articles. Good the content on the article, ye wish receive wage out of 20k — 50k TAU.

There are currently many offers and requests that accept payment in TAUcoin, allowing everyone to experiment while using it and have funny moments along the deals.


The total amount of deliveries is 10 billion dollars. All coins will be mined at the beginning of the block. Of these, 82% of TAUCOIN will be distributed through the faucet and bounty program. The remaining 18% TAUCOIN is reserved for the TAU foundation team to support the maintenance and further development of the TAU project.

For more information, please visit:

Website: https://www.taucoin.io/

Telegram: https://t.me/taucoinann

White paper: https://www.taucoin.io/whitePaper/tauwp2.0.pdf

Facebook: http: / /Facebook.com/taublockchain

Twitter: https://twitter.com/@tau_io

Medium: https://medium.com/tau-foundation

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Tau_coin/

Discord: https : //discord.gg/g4bVyqQ
Author : Maniecool
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