Blockchain technology has gotten to the level in which the whole world cannot do without it. We have discovered that this technology is making the news headline everyday which symbolizes global and rapid adoption of this technology. But despite the greatness and potential of this technology, there are still some things that needed to be improved upon its use. We have several and different blockchain network such as bitcoin blockchain, ethereum blockchain, eos blockchain, tron blockchain and some other more. The level of difficulties associated with each of this blockchain network varies based on the type of blockchain.
We have some blockchain that are more cumbersome and difficult to use than some others, we also have some that easy to use but they are lacking some other qualities. Let’s take for example the speed of transaction which is solely dependent on the nature of blockchain transaction. Some transactions do take several hours before it could be confirmed on the blockchain network, some blockchain also charges high transaction and mining fees. This is the reason why a new team has gathered around to rectify this problem by launching a new blockchain project known as

Metal Packaging Token

The aim of MPT is to promote the world's metal packaging industry.

In doing so, MPT believes that the planet used in packaging will reduce the volume of less healthy materials.

The Aims

MPT will reward individual users with MPT tokens, when returning empty metal cans to MPT deposit points.

MPT will create a decentralized currency which will be useable to pay for all products packed in metal containers.

MPT will be useable to pay for all products/services, that contribute to the metal packaging industry.

MPT will be the new standard to be used as payment to commercial agents (within the metal packaging industry), instead of commissions (fees) in fiat currencies.

MPT will be used horizontally and vertically through the whole metal packaging supply chain.

MPT will reduce the magnitude of secondary/declassified material trading.

MPT will strive to have steel producers back MPT’s token value by a (small) percentage of their production capacity.

How It Works?

The first target market of MPT will be the end of consumers. MPT will reward end-users who return empty metal packaging containers (after use) to specific MPT beds. How will this system work? MPT’s two founding partners have extensive technical and commercial experience in the metal packaging industry.

Together with heir partnership (currently under NDA), MPT will ensure that a unique material-related ”(tin/aluminum/ TFS) and“ weight-related QR code is printed on all metal packaging containers. Each identical body (material + weight basis) will have the same QR code. Different boxes (material/weight) will have a different QR code. The QR code represents a predetermined amount of MPT tokens that will be transferred to the recipient's wallet after the boxes have been dropped to an MPT release point. Each MPT deposit point also has a unique embedded QR code (location-related).

This feature will greatly facilitate place recycling location-statistics ”. The MPT will know exactly which geographical locations work well and which locations deserve more attention. By scanning the boxes in the MPT deposit scanner, the MPT deposition point printer will generate a receipt with another unique QR code representing the total MPT amount for the total of newly deposited boxes. The MPT mobile application then scans this QR code on the received receipt, which will immediately transfer the MPT to the depositor's mobile wallet. Individuals will be encouraged to sort, collect and deposit empty boxes.

The MPT depository machine only turns on when an MPT QR code is scanned. Internally, the machine will separate the steel from aluminum by magnetism and will have an internal scrap compactor that facilitates emptying with built-in waste disposal services. MPT held several meetings with potential manufacturers of their future with a “life recycling machine”. The main outcome of these meetings is that the cost price of an MPT recycling machine prototype will be approximately US $ 20,000. Needless to say, along with the increased volume, the production cost will result in substantially lower figures.

Why Metal Packaging Token Stands Out?

In addition to the obvious reason that MPT really help the environment by holding MPT tokens, and therefore the welfare of our planet, that MPT tokens become exchangeable in (decentralized) exchanges. This means that owners can trade for EOS or other encryption currencies. In this way, payment in fiat currencies would, of course, be possible.

Although MPT tokens can be traded or exchanged on the stock exchanges, MPT team, believe that using tokens will result in a much better result for all interested parties.

Metal Packaging Token Community sale

Metal Packaging Token has started its Community Sale of 600 million MPT in the month of June. One of the main objectives within the Metal Packaging Token project (MPT) is to be transparent towards the whole community involved in it. For this reason MPT have created a transparent, unique and innovative mechanism for the distribution of MPT tokens.

Community Sale price 1 EOS = 5000 MPT

Minimum purchasing amount: 1 EOS

By transferring any amount of EOS (minimum 1) to the crowdsale account, during the established time frame of MPT’s community sale (June 20th – July 18th), the equivalent amount of MPT will be instantly credited to your EOS account.

Token Allocation

The MPT is an EOS token with a supply of 1.8 Billion units that will be allocated according to the following split



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